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Research & Reviews: Journal of Material Sciences Volume 7, Issue 4 Emerging Materials and Nanotechnology Congress scheduled on February 2627 2020 at London UK Il Kim Research & Reviews: Journal of Material Sciences Volume 8, Issue 1 Carbon Materials 2020 scheduled at Sydney Australia during 1617 March 2020 Mustafa Khamis Research & Reviews: Journal of Material Sciences 6th International Conference and Expo on Ceramics and Composite Materials June 0809, 2020 past-conference-editorial-of-ceramics-2020.pdf Past Conference Editorial of Ceramics 2020 synthesis-of-zinc-ferrite-nanoparticles-from-industrial-wastes-and-its-ability-to-remove-selenium-metal-ion-from-waste-w.pdf Synthesis of zinc ferrite nanoparticles from industrial wastes and its ability to remove selenium metal ion from waste water Amira Amin transparent-sodalime-glass-fabrication-with-silica-from-rice-husk-ashes.pdf Transparent sodalime glass fabrication with silica from rice husk ashes nbspChiara Valsecchi some-properties-of-density-matrix-in-physics-of-interaction-of-particle-with-a-condensed-matter.pdf Some Properties of Density Matrix in Physics of Interaction of Particle with a Condensed Matter nbspFilippov GM the-effect-of-ga3-and-cu2-codoping-on-ionic-conductivity-of-ceria-ceramics-as-solid-electrolyte-for-itsofcs.pdf The effect of Ga3 and Cu2 codoping on ionic conductivity of Ceria Ceramics as Solid Electrolyte for ITSOFCs nbspMonika Singh the-features-of-highk-hollanditelike-ceramics-doping-by-copper.pdf The features of Highk hollanditelike ceramics doping by copper nbspNikolay Gorshkov development-of-porcelain-insulator-using-locally-available-raw-materials-from-edo-state-nigeria.pdf Development of Porcelain Insulator using locally available raw materials from Edo state Nigeria nbspOlogunwa Temitopenbsp silicocarnotitetricalcium-phosphate-a-new-bioactive-ceramic-which-transforms-insitu-into-porous-hydroxyapatite.pdf SilicocarnotiteTricalcium phosphate A new bioactive ceramic which transforms insitu into porous hydroxyapatite nbspPN De Azanbsp effect-of-various-constraints-on-vibration-behaviour-of-functionally-graded-circular-plates-under-thermal-environment.pdf Effect of various constraints on vibration behaviour of functionally graded circular plates under thermal environment nbspSaini Rahulnbsp radiation-stability-of-nanostructured-ytrium-stabilized-zirconia.pdf Radiation Stability of Nanostructured Ytrium Stabilized Zirconia nbspSantanu Ghosh effect-of-carbonization-and-multiwalled-carbon-nanotubes-on-polyacrylonitrile-short-carbon-fibre-polymer-composites.pdf Effect of carbonization and multiwalled carbon nanotubes on polyacrylonitrile short carbon fibre polymer composites nbspVijay Kumar Srivastava Research & Reviews: Journal of Material Sciences Volume 9, Issue 9 An Experimental Study on Metal Matrix Composites SR Hariprakash, PNethaji, K Prakash Nano Unit Procedure Switches Resistant Concealment of Exosomal PDL1 and Is Related With Improved Ferro Ptosi Guohao Wang Current Development of Biodegradable Materials and Biomedical Applications Shumin Xiao Impact of Cavity Plan on the Degradability Dental Ceramics Alexandra Structural Design of Conjugated Polymers Showing Excellent Charge Transport Toward Thermoelectric Alexandra Research & Reviews: Journal of Material Sciences Volume 9, Issue 10 Cell Membrane Biocompatibility in Nanoparticles Shumin Xiao Compliance Level of Garden and AO Classifications for FemoralNeck Fractures Wagner Luiz Medeiros Stable Condition In Electrophoretic Deposition EPD Of BetaSialon Habibollah Alikhani1, Alireza Taherizadeh2, Mahboubeh Kargar3 and Seyed Jafar Mousavi3 Surface Plasmon Photo Detectors Based on Noble Metals Soulef Benghorieba1, Adil Bouhadichea1 and Sabah Benzeghdab2 Research & Reviews: Journal of Material Sciences Volume 9, Issue 11 A Note on Thuliumdoped Fibre Lasers with Ta2AlCDepositedTapered Lei An Overview on Microenvironmentresponsive Immune RegulatoryElectro Spun Fibres Christiansen Analysis of the Intensity Distribution at the Output of a FewmodeFibre Joanna An Overview of Metallic Nanocylinder Coated Graphemebased Ultrasensitive Biomolecules Sensor Joanna Na Currents Promote Ultrafast Spiking in Projection Neurons Lei Research & Reviews: Journal of Material Sciences Volume 10, Issue 1 A Note on Industrial Engineering Christiansen Material Sciences An Interdisciplinary Topic Christiansen A Note on Biomaterials Jamie Caldwell A Brief Note on Ceramic Engineering Guohao Wang Nanomaterials In Microfabrication Research Joanna Erlich Research & Reviews: Journal of Material Sciences Volume 10, Issue 2 Study of Hollow ZnO Nanoparticles By Flame Spray Synthesis Li Hui The Mechanical and Electronic Properties of Ternary RareEarthHexaboride LaxNd8xB6 x0178 Materials Cengiz Bozada Photoluminescence Studies of Europium III Doped DiBariumMagnesium Silicate Phosphors Ishwar Prasad Sahu, Ravi Shrivastava Investigation of Solvent Effect on the Structural Morphological andOptical properties of ZnO Doped Mg Elaborated by Solgel Method AEl Hamidi, EElmahboub, AEl Hichou, AAlmaggoussi Design and Simulation of Pottery Kiln Kiran Govind, Keerthidas P U, Karthik R, Kishore R Research & Reviews: Journal of Material Sciences Volume 10, Issue 3 Synthesis of MnOsub2sub with Different Morphologies andCharacterization by Oxygen Isotope Exchange Technology Dasong Peng, Xiaodong Wang, Yanchao Ren, Ziyue Tan, Shanping Hu Characterization of A New Fiber from Cyperus Dichrostachus ARich Plant Belete Baye, Tamrat Tesfaye Thyme Functionalized Polydopamine Coated ZnO NanoparticlesWith Enhanced Antibacterial Activity For Biomedical Application Parinaz NezhadMokhtari1, Nahideh Asadi1, Yaeghob Sharifi2, Morteza Milani3 An Overview on Uses of Composite Materials Rachana Vudata PolymersComposition of Repeated Subunits Rachana Vudata Research & Reviews: Journal of Material Sciences Volume 10, Issue 6 Improving Electrical Conductivities of Scrap Melted AluminiumConductor by PreMelt Treatment A Review Ismail Kamil Research On DualCarbon Services Based On ElectricVehicles And Pumped Energy Storage To Stabilize PowerFluctuations Weiyan Xu Comparison of Two Mechanical Alloying Synthesis of WMoTaNbCrand WMoTaNbTi Ignacio Orellana Araya, Claudio Aguilar Ramiacuterez M1255ssbauer Studies of the Local Surrounding of Atoms in Amorphous and Crystalline Ge2Sb2Te5 Films A V Marchenko, Yu A Petrushin, P P Seregin Study of Graphite DC ARC and the Structural Studies ofCarbon Nanotubes Prepared in the DC ARC Zuhoor Elahi Research & Reviews: Journal of Material Sciences Volume 11, Issue 1 Application Fields of Extrusion Coating for Battery Manufacturing A Mini Review Niklas Penningh, Laura Helmers, Eike Wiegmann, Arno Kwade New Paradigm on the Mechanical Properties of In Situ Formed by AlTiB2 and AlTiB2Cu MMCs C Rajaravi, Amala Mithin Minther Singh A, Gobalakrishnan, Prakash E Enhanced Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue Using TiO2ZnOFe2O3 Ternary Nanocomposites Juliya AP, Jayaram P,Abdul Mujeeb VM, MuraleedharanK Doping Effect of Zinc on the Structural Morphological and Magnetic Properties of Mn Ferrites Anjali Shrivastava, A K Shrivastava An Overview Material Process and Characterization of Dental Additive Manufacturing A Review Shimelis Tamene Gobena, Abraham Debebe