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Research & Reviews: Journal of Medicinal & Organic Chemistry Volume 8, Issue 6 Types of Properties Related to Nano Patches Ibrahim Khan Chemicals Used in Pharmaceutical Industry John M Beale Epigenetic enzymes and its organic chemistry Iwao Ojima Strategies involved in Drug Tests And Its Examination John H Block Carbon Nitrides and its Conflation T S Miller Research & Reviews: Journal of Medicinal & Organic Chemistry Volume 9, Issue 1 A brief study of Protein Phosphatase in Different Volumes Jose Mario Overview of Organic Chemistry and Multicomponent Reactions of Isocyanides Jose Mario A Note on Survey of Species Termitomyces David Miller Recent Applications of Bioactive Heterocyclic Analog Compounds Tomoko Kawai An Outline and The Restorative Significance of The Plants Louise John Research & Reviews: Journal of Medicinal & Organic Chemistry Volume 9, Issue 4 Plants and Chemical Classes of Secondary Metabolites Natural Chemicals Nydia Nash Bioplastics and their Impact on Environment Samuel Richard Synoptic Note on Principles and Platforms of Nanoparticle Drug Delivery System Samuel Richard Derivatives and Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compound Thiophene Felicia Robson Drug Targets and Types of Drug Designing Felicia Robson Research & Reviews: Journal of Medicinal & Organic Chemistry Volume 9, Issue 5 Models and Significance of Neurochemistry Lita Olvera Synthesis of Organic Materials Its Techniques and Applications Lita Olvera Synthesis of Nanodrugs using Nanotechnology Roberte Pierre Scope and Action of Aminoglycosides as Antibacterial Drugs Roberte Pierre Process and Development of Medicinal Chemistry Suzume Tabata Research & Reviews: Journal of Medicinal & Organic Chemistry Volume 10, Issue 1 Carbohydrates An Essential Class of Biomolecules for the Function and Structure of Living Organisms Stefano Allesi Methods and Applications of Synthesizing Alcohols in Organic Chemistry Stefano Allesi Exploring the Physical and Chemical Properties of Carboxylic Acid and their Derivatives Duilio Greece Enantiomers Understanding their Physical and Chemical Properties Duilio Greece Composition Applications and Environmental Impacts of Addition Polymers and Plastics Lesley Preston Applications and Working of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Georg Meier The Physical and Chemical Properties of Organometallic Compounds Rokuro Chinen Comprehensive Guide to Antipyretic Drugs Understanding their Common uses Glen Parker Prevalent Types of Petrochemicals and their Impact on the Environment Georg Meier Exploring the Role of Major Agrochemical Products An Overview of Pesticides Herbicides and Fungicides in Modern Agriculture Rokuro Chinen Research & Reviews: Journal of Medicinal & Organic Chemistry Current advances in Organic Chemistry Chemical Synthesis Strategies and Advances in Creating New Molecules Pourya Zarshenas Organic Compounds Insights into Their Structure Properties and Applications Pourya Zarshenas Understanding Modern Classification and Ambiguities in Chemistry FitzGerald Mark Exploring the Dynamics and Diversity of Chemical Reactions FitzGerald Mark Organic Chemistry A Historical Journey of Discovery and Innovation Sigmund Adkins Research & Reviews: Journal of Medicinal & Organic Chemistry Volume 10, Issue 2 Epigenetics Unraveling Molecular Mechanisms and NextGeneration Epidrug Design Stefano Allesi The Influence of Plate Tectonics and its Importance in MarineChemistry Danielle Ramsey Nomenclature Isomerism and Aromaticity Involved in CyclicCompounds Kieran Bailey A Commentary on Human Impacts of Marine Pollution andClimate Change in Marine Chemistry Rubella Mitchell Synthetic Analysis Processing and its Development of aMedicinal Drug Discovery Rebecca Sims Screening Designing and its Physicochemical Properties Involvedin Drug Discovery Danielle Ramsey The Role and Potential of Polynucleotides in Science andMedicine Yamaguche Kawa Emerging Discipline of Marine Chemistry and its Gross ChemicalComposition of Sea Water Han Sui Synthesis of Natural Products and its Methodological Applications Rosemary Yates The Significant Role of Chemo Proteomics and its Applications Rosemary Yates Research & Reviews: Journal of Medicinal & Organic Chemistry Volume 9, Issue 3 Salbutamol Medical Uses and Adverse Effects Angela White Medical Uses and Adverse Effects of Diclofenac Alec Bates Uses of Discrete COsub2sub in Marine System and its Analysis Hasaan Koizumi Medical Uses and Contradictions of Doxycycline Sharon Daves Uses and Properties of Heterocyclic Compounds Abby Carlson