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Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis Volume 10, Issue 5 An Overview of Thin Layer Chromatography Ramesh C Gupta ANALYTICAL METHOD DEVELOPMENT AND VALIDATION OF TICAGRELOR REVIEW MEENA IYER, SOWMYA H G, JOSE GNANA BABU C A NEW RPHPLC METHOD FOR SIMULTANEOUS ESTIMATION OF ATORVASTATIN AND FENOFIBRATE IN ITS BULK AND TABLET DOSAGE FORM MSowmya, SKGodasu, BNagaveni, PRaju, RSuneetha Method Advantages and Disadvantages of Gravimetric analysis A Brief Introduction Chuanfeng Zheng Introduction to Pharmaceutical Analysis for Drugs Chuanfeng Zheng Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis Volume 11, Issue 1 Solubility The Important Phenomenon in Pharmaceutical Analysis Anil Mahadev Capillary Electrophoresis Development Method for Pharmaceutical Quality Control Analysis Naveen Krishna Pudi A Note on Modern Pharmaceutical Analysis Rowan Clem Thin Layer Chromatography in Drug Analysis Alex Martin Stability Testing and its Role in Drug Development Process Lindsey Mart Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis Volume 11, Issue 3 Direct Analysis of Substandard Antibiotics Sensitivity Pattern against Common Isolates of Pathogens via Modified Oucherlony Technique A in vitro Study in Karachi Hina Sharif, Sana Sharif, Haroon Diwan Polarimetry in the Field of Pharmaceutical Analysis Wang Yu Analytical Procedure of Thin Layer Chromatography Technique Wang Yu Analytical Procedure of Chemical Imaging Technique Wang Yu Product Quality Reviews and Its Importance in Product Lifecycle Muhammad Zubair Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis Volume 11, Issue 4 Ferritin and its Biomedicine Application Laurel Gregory, Chloe Santiago, Daisy Lindsey Column chromatography in Pharmaceutical analysis Arosha de Silva Importance of Analytical chemistry in Pharmacy and its applications John Henry Clinical and Preclinical phases involved in Drug development Arosha de Silva Instrumentation of SizeExclusion Chromatography and its Applications Dinkar Sahal Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis Volume 11, Issue 5 Applications and Importance of Spectrofluorometry in Analysis John Henry The Parameters and Applications of HPLC Dinkar Sahal Validation Parameters to Control Errors in Pharmaceutical Analysis Ramesh C Gupta Drugs used in the Production of Cosmetics and their Applications Bhanupriya Dabbara Instrumentation of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry and its Applications Wang Yu Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis Volume 12, Issue 1 Interstitial Lung Disease Associated with Systemic Sclerosis New Molecules New Routes of Administration Esther F VicenteRabaneda, Elena GonzaacutelezSaacutenchez, Esther San Antonio, Antonio MuntildeozCallejas, Ana Urzainqui, Santos Castantildeeda Commentary on Screening Strategies for Quorum Sensing Inhibitors in Combating Bacterial Infections Lan Lu, Jingya Wang A Commentary on Influence of Traditional Chinese Medicines on the In vivo Metabolism of Lopinavirritonavir Based on UHPLCMSMS Analysis Binglong Li Efficacy of Allisartan Isoproxil in the Treatment of MildtoModerate Essential Hypertension Hongyi Wang, Yang Xi, Yuanyuan Chen, Luyan Wang, Fan Yang, Xining Lu, Ningling Sun Metabolomics Reveals TMAO as a Potential Marker and Intervention Target for Chronic Kidney Disease Xue Zhou, Jun Yan Liu Analyzing Crude Drugs The Importance of Understanding their Properties Rajan Salwan Advancing Drug Discovery and Development through Analytical Research and Development Zahra Shajari Commentary on Abnormal Menses Following COVID19 Vaccines A Toxicologic Consideration Deirdre Little A Commentary on the Role of 6Phosphofructo2KinaseFructose26Biphosphatase 3 in Atherosclerosis Shuai Guo, Yiming Xu Adherence Physical Limitation and Social Participation in Leprosy Patients in a HighComplexity Hospital Amanda Henriques Cavalheiro, Marco Andrey C Frade, Andrea Queiroacutez Ungari Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis Advances in Analytical Research and Development A Brief Note on Gel Permeation Chromatography Dinkar Sahal Types of Vibrational Chemical Imaging Instruments Arosha de Silva Various Techniques of Chromatography John Henry A Brief Note on Clinical Research Management Arosha de Silva Measurement and Interpretation of the Polarization Bhanupriya Dabbara Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis Volume 12, Issue 2 Radioimmunoassay A Sensitive Specific and CostEffective Method for Measuring Antigens Chappa Bhagyasri Advancements of Pharmaceuticals through Nuclear Magnetic Resonance NMR to Ensure Drug Quality Priyanka Patel Commentary on Molecular Dynamic and Pharmacological Studies on ProteinEngineered Hirudin Variants of Hirudinaria Manillensis and Hirudo Medicinalis Yan Sun, Dayong Wang An Effective Method of CrossMapping Between Different Biological Samples for Comprehensively Discovering in Vivo Metabolites of Herbal Medicines Xiaoyan Gao Stability Studies in Pharmaceutical Analysis Ensuring Drug Efficacy and Safety Rajan Salwan The Growing Importance of Polymer Analysis in the Pharmaceutical Industry Dinesh Yadav The Importance of Organic Volatile Impurity Analysis in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Dinesh Yadav Clinical Importance of Ayurveda Yoga and Naturopathy Unani Siddha and Homeopathy AYUSH System of Medicine in Pharmaceutical Analysis Deshmukh Bhakti Bhausaheb Automated ClosedCell Production Platform for Mesenchymal Stromal Cells MSCBased Therapy Yirui Feng, Bin Wang Signal AmplificationEnabled Ion MobilityMass Spectrometry SAIMS A General Strategy for the Discovery of MassRemaining Protein Modifications Xia Xu, Gongyu Li