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Research & Reviews: Journal of Pure and Applied Physics Volume 9, Issue 8 analytical-investigation-of-relative-entropy-associated-with-ltb-model-of-accelerating-universe.pdf Analytical Investigation of Relative Entropy Associated with LTB Model of Accelerating Universe Raj Kumar Das cdfree-quantum-dot-synthesis.pdf Cdfree Quantum Dot Synthesis Joe Anbsp magnetism-in-graphene-pseudospin.pdf Magnetism in Graphene Pseudospin Joe Anbsp geophysics-and-engineering.pdf Geophysics and Engineering nbspCruz A stellar-astrophysics.pdf Stellar Astrophysics nbspCruz A Research & Reviews: Journal of Pure and Applied Physics Volume 9, Issue 9 intrinsic-changes-in-fluids-under-external-transduced-forces.pdf Intrinsic Changes in Fluids Under External Transduced Forces Joseph SpakowitznbspUSA theory-of-entropy-production.pdf Theory of Entropy Production Joseph SpakowitznbspUSA coupling-of-electronics-and-photonicsapplications.pdf Coupling of Electronics and PhotonicsApplications nbspNikolas Thomas Australia deducing-the-universes-origin-using-occams-razor.pdf Deducing the Universes Origin Using Occams Razor David Brian France artificial-intelligence-algorithm--laws-of-quantum-mechanics.pdf Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Laws of Quantum Mechanics Martin Philip India Research & Reviews: Journal of Pure and Applied Physics Volume 9, Issue 4 SuperconductivitySpecial Issue 2021 Announcement Jennifer Albertnbsp the-irreversibility-of-the-arrow-of-time-in-space.pdf The Irreversibility of the Arrow of Time in Space Yanbikov Vildyannbsp Shavkyatovichnbsp on-the-changing-wigner-stability-of-ion-acoustic-soliton-in-a-four-component-incoherent-plasma-and-akhmediev-breather.pdf On the Changing Wigner Stability of Ion Acoustic Soliton in a Four Component Incoherent Plasma and Akhmediev Breather Chowdhury AR, Chaudhuri S, Chowdhury KRnbsp relativity-energy--complex-power-by-using-the-charge.pdf Relativity Energy Complex Power By Using The Charge Tarek N Moaqat Quantum World and the Reality by Understanding Pilot Waves and Schrodinger Equation nbspDurgadas Datta Research & Reviews: Journal of Pure and Applied Physics Volume 9, Issue 3 confusion-in-our-understanding-of-uncertainty-principle-and-quantum-probability.pdf Confusion in our Understanding of Uncertainty Principle and Quantum Probability Durgadas Datta principles-of-relativity-by-means-of-the-charge-q.pdf Principles of Relativity By means of the Charge Q Tarek Nadim Moaqat quantummechanical-substantiation-of-the-periodic-system-of-isotopes-models-of-nuclear-orbitals.pdf Quantummechanical substantiation of the periodic system of isotopes Models of nuclear orbitals AS Magula greatest-blunder-in-our-theory-of-inflation-out-of-quantum-fluctuation.pdf Greatest Blunder in Theory of Inflation Out of Quantum Fluctuation Durgadas Datta shielding-of-gravitational-field-in-space.pdf Shielding of Gravitational Field in Space Yanbikov Vildyannbsp Shavkyatovich Research & Reviews: Journal of Pure and Applied Physics Volume 9, Issue 5 superconductivityeditorial-note.pdf SuperconductivityEditorial Note Saddam Husain Dhobi a-tentative-view-on-relativistic-effect-in-gps-measurement.pdf A Tentative View on Relativistic Effect in GPS Measurement nbspXinli Zhou contemporary-methods-of-steel-hardening-in-liquid-media-based-on-laws-of-modern-physics.pdf Contemporary Methods of Steel Hardening in Liquid Media Based on Laws of Modern Physics nbspNikolai I Kobasko study-on-the-electroluminescence-of-y2o3-material-doped-with-rare-earth-elements.pdf Study on the Electroluminescence of Y2O3 Material Doped with Rare Earth Elements nbspShukla U, Priyadarshi K brief-discussion-on-biophysics.pdf Brief Discussion on Biophysics nbspRazia Kausar Research & Reviews: Journal of Pure and Applied Physics Volume 9, Issue 7 crystal-growth-and-characterization-of-li-ion-and-picric-acid-doped-triphenyl-phosphine-oxide.pdf Crystal Growth and Characterization of Li Ion and Picric Acid Doped Triphenyl Phosphine Oxide Sreevani K, Anierudhe VVnbsp compact-xray-laser.pdf Compact Xray Laser Razia Kausarnbspnbsp three-nucleon-force-in--4he-elastic-scattering-at-medium-energy.pdf Three Nucleon Force in 4He Elastic Scattering at Medium Energy Hassan MA, AwdAllah HEAnbsp bending-of-light-to-enhance-wavelength-conversion.pdf Bending of Light to Enhance Wavelength Conversion Razia Kausarnbsp performance-evaluation-of-a-concentrator-photovoltaic-system-cooled-by-an-optical-liquid-filter.pdf Performance Evaluation of a Concentrator Photovoltaic System Cooled by an Optical Liquid Filter Afef Jannen, Monia Chaabane, Hatem Mhiri, Philippe Bournotnbsp pi-circumscription-theorem.pdf Pi Circumscription Theorem Fernando Mancebo Rodrigueznbspnbsp