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Research & Reviews: Journal of Social Sciences Volume 7, Issue 2 Societal Attitudes toward Chinese University Students with a History of Parental Depression and Factors Influencing the Respective Attitudes A Crosssectional study nbspJafar Rashidnia1, Zhang Min1, Shen Heyong1 comparative-study-of-artisans-in-kathua-and-anantnag-districts-of-jammu--kashmirmohd-arif.pdf Comparative study of Artisans in Kathua and Anantnag Districts of Jammu KashmirMohd Arif macroscale-superlubricity-enabled-by-graphene-coated-surfaces.pdf Macroscale superlubricity enabled by graphene coated surfaces Zhenyu Zhang sustainable-development-in-low-carbon-cleaner-and-greener-energies-and-the-environment.pdf Sustainable Development in Low Carbon Cleaner and Greener Energies and the Environment theories-of-identity-and-its-inclusiveness-in-building-diversity-democracy.pdf Theories of identity and its inclusiveness in building diversity democracy Meseret Bekele Research & Reviews: Journal of Social Sciences Volume 7, Issue 3 3rd-edition-of-new-frontiers-in-renewable-energy-and-resources.pdf 3rd Edition of New Frontiers in Renewable Energy and Resources Biruk Abate Fenta from-heatmetry-to-entropymetry-a-cognitive-approach.pdf From Heatmetry to Entropymetry a Cognitive Approach Andrey Mityakov biomass-conversion-from-municipal-solid-wastes-to-useful-products-the-case-of-bahir-dar-city-around-lake-tana-basin.pdf Biomass Conversion from Municipal Solid Wastes to Useful Products The Case of Bahir Dar City around Lake Tana Basin Biruk Abate Fenta transition-from-electromechanical-dynamics-to-quasielectromechanical-dynamics-caused-by-participation-of-full-converterb.pdf Transition from Electromechanical Dynamics to QuasiElectromechanical Dynamics Caused by Participation of Full ConverterBased Wind Power Generation Jianqiang Luo architecture-design-and-energy-performance-of-a-nearly-zero-energy-building-with-easily-mounted-and-demounted-modules-in.pdf Architecture Design and Energy Performance of a Nearly Zero Energy Building with easily mounted and demounted modules in hot climate Mohammed Ahachad experimental-investigation-of-demonstraionscale-hydrogen-productionplant-using-hyperthermophilic-microorganism.pdf EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION OF DEMONSTRAIONSCALE HYDROGEN PRODUCTIONPLANT USING HYPERTHERMOPHILIC MICROORGANISM Hyungtaek Kim Research & Reviews: Journal of Social Sciences Volume 7, Issue 4 announcement-women-health-and-child-care.pdf Announcement Women Health and Child Care nbspRichard Lynn effects-of-the-probiotic-saccharomyces-cerevisiae-on-some-reproductive-hormone-profile-and-steroidogenic-genes-expressio.pdf Effects of the probiotic Saccharomyces cerevisiae on some reproductive hormone profile and steroidogenic genes expression in the testes of male rats endometriosis-and-infertility.pdf Endometriosis and Infertility Mohammad Ebrahim Parsanezhad evaluation-of-igg-subclass-deficiency-in-patient-with-recurrent-spontaneous-abortion.pdf Evaluation of IgG subclass deficiency in patient with recurrent spontaneous abortion Ahad Zare review-on-adolescent-health-deterioration-and-appropriate-management.pdf Review on adolescent health deterioration and appropriate management Priyanga Poomani review-on-polycystic-ovary-syndrome-clinical-manifestations-diagnostic-workup-and-management.pdf Review on polycystic ovary syndrome clinical manifestations diagnostic workup and management Priyanga Poomani Research & Reviews: Journal of Social Sciences Volume 7, Issue 5 announcement-webinar-on-business-management-accounting-and-marketing.pdf Announcement Webinar on Business Management Accounting and Marketing Richard Lynn development-of-nano-particle-drug-delivery-system-for-naproxen-for-the-treatment-of-rheumatoid-arthritis.pdf DEVELOPMENT OF NANO PARTICLE DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEM FOR NAPROXEN FOR THE TREATMENT OF RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS Dr A Krishna Sailaja a-dnabased-nanocarrier-for-efficient-cancer-therapy.pdf A DNAbased nanocarrier for efficient cancer therapy Muhammad Abbas apoptosis-and-antitumor-studies-of-premna-coriacea-in-breast-cancer-cell-lines-and-in-vivo-animal-models.pdf Apoptosis and Antitumor studies of Premna coriacea in breast cancer cell lines and in vivo animal models Ashokrao Mane effective-contributions-of-leaders-may-ensure-the-prime-organizational-embellishment.pdf EFFECTIVE CONTRIBUTIONS OF LEADERS MAY ENSURE THE PRIME ORGANIZATIONAL EMBELLISHMENT Dr Rudrarup Gupta covid19-challenges-and-opportunities.pdf Covid19 Challenges and Opportunities Dr Awadhesh Kumar Dubey Research & Reviews: Journal of Social Sciences Volume 8, Issue 1 Note on Demographic Analysis and Population Studies Richard Lynn Relevance The Standard Lines of Defence Oluwa Adikpe Gender Discrimination and its Implication on Performance ofLocal Government Staff in Oyo State Nigeria Bassey Moses Igwe Indiarsquos Economic Relationship with Algeria Pratik Kumar Singh COVID19 Pandemic and Education in Nigeria Bassey Moses Igwe Research & Reviews: Journal of Social Sciences Volume 7, Issue 9 The Prevalence of PracticeOriented Research in Applied Linguistics nbspHeath Rose The Research has further demonstrated in applied linguistics Ismet Ozturk The Roles of Nurture in the Recruitment and Retention of Primary Care Physicians Brooks Robert G Evaluating mediation and moderation effects in schoolpsychology Amanda JFairchild Crime in the Coal Industry Implications for Green Criminology Michael J Lynch Research & Reviews: Journal of Social Sciences Volume 7, Issue 8 Stress Tolerance Ability to Endure Tension and the Resulting Capacity Harry Tomlinson Climate of Global Advertising in Development Jack McQueen Job Demands Job Control and Social Support on Psychological Wellbeing Louis Styles Military Faculty Occupied with Peacekeeping Obligations Shawn Horan Multivariate Methodology Observed that Low Confidence Doris Payne Research & Reviews: Journal of Social Sciences Volume 8, Issue 5 Foreign Direct Investment Impact on Economic Indicators of the SAARC Countries Nithya S M, Kavitha H Communication Of Details Model CDM Contribution Towards The Fight Against Corona Virus COVID19 Disease In Kenya 1st To 12th July 2020 Maoga Ondieki Andrew, Chelimo Andrew Geography and its Approaches in Information Systems Ashu Sharma Globalization Economic Growth and its Interdependence Eyob Gugsa Archaeology and its Purpose in Human Civilizations Seun Ayoade Research & Reviews: Journal of Social Sciences Social science and their research areas Determining the Economic Impact of Cryptocurrency Adoption on International Trade from a Gravity Model Framework Eric R Chen Exceptional Turkish Citizenship by the Decision of Competent National Authority The Implementation of Twin Articles Kutlay Telli Political Correctness Exploration Within The Indian Context Sangeeta Bhatia, Mallika Agarwal, Bhavya Gupta Chinas Real Estate Tax Reform The Intersection of Economic and Social Issues Lyu Bingyang The Relevance of Food Processing Industry in Women Empowerment A Case Study of Prayagraj Adil Khan, Arun Kumar Singh Origin of War and Way to Eternal Peace Takeo R M Nakagawa Research & Reviews: Journal of Social Sciences Volume 8, Issue 6 Nexus between Foreign Direct Investment and Manufacturing Output in India An ARDL Approach Pratap Kumar Jena, Runu Lata Sahoo Modelling Monthly Inflation in the Philippines using Seasonal Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average ARIMA Jacque BonIsaac Aboy1, Jane Rhica Magalona2, Dannah Ysabel Premacio2 The Changing Culture of Learning Places and Spaces in Africa A Review of Post COVID Realities towards Achieving Safe Learning Environments Adeyemi Oginni, David Oyelowo Paleo Climatic Interactions and Population Development at TacnaPeru The Archaic of Southern Peru and its unknowns Gary Martiacuten Osorio Soto Yes We Can Make America Great Again A Shift from Traditional Campaigning Methods to Public Relations Techniques Alisha Dhar Research & Reviews: Journal of Social Sciences Volume 9, Issue 2 Evolution of Language in the Modern Era Rubella Mitchell Core Objectives of Economics Development and its Methodology Rubella Mitchell The Importance of Legal systems and its Development in Different Countries Yi Loxley A Commentary on Economics and its Methodological Development Different Fields Yi Loxley The Investigation of Market Changes and their Interactions in Microeconomics Rebecca Andrus Factors Influencing Macroeconomics LongTerm Level and Growth of National Income Rebecca Andrus Analysis of Criminology and its Significant Phases Zahra Shajari A Perspective on Situational Crime Prevention Fraud and its Applications Zahra Shajari The Framework for Scientific Investigations Based on Evolution in International Relations Richard Lynn A Mini Review on Fundamentals of Conventional Financial Development and Its Functions to Accomplish Economic Benefit Cartreal Davison