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Parvaneh Sayyad-Amin

Parvaneh Sayyad-Amin
Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
University of Tehran 


Research Interest

a: Crop physiology: plant gas exchanges; chlorophyll fluorescence; environmental stress especially oxidative stress, salinity, drought, heat, and grazing; plant nutrition; allelopathy; root researches
b: Crop ecology: intercropping systems, conservation agriculture, sustainable agriculture, integrative agriculture; greenhouse and soilless culture; the effect of global climate changes and greenhouse gases in agriculture; crop rotation; pasture management and ley farming systems; the usage of different low-quality water resources in crop production; crop competitions; plant-microbe communications
c: Seed science and technology: seed testing, seed coating and pelleting, seed priming; the effect of different of biotic and environmental stresses on seed germination, seedling emergence, and plant establishment d: forages; pasture species; biofuel crops; oilseed crops; industrial crops, neglected and new crops that may be globally cultivated in future