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About Us

We provide a wide range of standard articles that are published after a stringent peer-review process along with expert’s updations and are appreciated by millions of readers all over the world for our unbiased performance and quality output. Several countries contribute papers to our journals. Each issue carries useful reviews and articles of immediate interest to the practicing professionals as well as researchers.

Our Mission

We strive to provide a wide and trustworthy pool of knowledge assisting authors to publish standard articles and readers to learn better. We aim at representing the interest of Open access publishers by setting standards and bringing advance models to meet them.

Our Vision

We wish to create an undifferentiated platform to disseminate knowledge equally to all without any restrictions.

“We have achieved a lot but a lot is to be achieved yet. We have learnt a lot but prefer learning more. “

We work for a sustainable system to benefit the scientific community, generals as well as the members of our publishing house.