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Suicide: Is it Worth of Dying?

Dhanusha. B*
Department of Pharmacy, JNTU Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India
Corresponding Author: Dhanusha.B, B.Pharmacy; Sri Sai Aditya Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India, Tel: +917382 702269; E-mail: [email protected] , [email protected]
Received: 07 March 2015 Accepted: 19 April 2015
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Suicide, Death, Depression


Suicide, it is a condition of loss of hope, loss of interest, loss of desire to live. Any reason that a person couldn’t sort out may lead to ultimate solution, which is suicide. Increasing pressure about education, higher studies, Job, family problems leads to this uncontrollable situation of committing suicide. According to some studies, Suicide is the world’s top third reason for death [1]. From this we can imagine how weak one person would become under his tough times. In this article I would like to share about the points which might lead to suicide and consequences of suicide. There are many articles and papers on suicide and related issues. I would also like to share my opinion on these papers.
Suicide is an attempt to end oneself life that may be planned or impulsive [2]. People who life helpless, depressed, alone and devastated plan to commit suicide. Majority of the suicidal ideation end while planning, some come up doing attempts that would not work, some other succeed in executing the plan [3]. Motivation, self-esteem and social support will help in decreasing suicidal ideation. Children and adolescents are the majority percentage that commit suicide, it is estimated that 75% of world suicides are from low and middle income countries [4]. According to a study by Lancet India records over 1,70,000 suicidal deaths every year [1]. 35% of suicides are from age group of 18-25 years. Depression is the major predator of suicidal ideation [5]. According to other survey 36,000 people succeed in suicide every year in USA [6]. It was stated in an article by Sang-Uk Lee “According to data from the (NSO) National Statistics Office, Korea’s suicide rate was 28.5 per 100.000 in 2013 [7]. Men succeed more in fatal suicides whereas women are more into non-fatal suicidal behaviors. Based on this literature suicide is something that has to be dealt one step at a time.

Points that lead to suicide Ideation:

Various reasons exist for committing suicide lack of healthy family environment, lack of literacy, poor financial condition, depression, poor family relations, love failure, unemployment so on. According to one study 90% of suicides are due to some psychiatric conditions [6]. The most common reasons or life events that might cause suicidal ideation are sexual abuse, certain psychological conditions, remorse, rejection, relationship breakup. Some of the so common psychological conditions that lead to suicides are Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety, delusions, Hallucinations, Post-traumatic stress, dissociative identity disorder et al [8]. According to some authors suicide ideation can have roots in physical illness, unhealthy behaviors and profuse alcohol consumption. Suicidal thoughts and ideation have been associated with various neurological disorders. Physical illness as in case of psoriasis is also a precursor for suicidal thoughts which is clearly narrated by Mayo KL, Gupta AK [9]. Please with this sort of inferiority and depression due to physical appearance tend to have suicidal ideas and result in suicide attempts or fatal conditions and hospitalization. According to article [2] experts believe that there might be a genetic factor associated with this suicidal ideation, people who commit suicide or those who took their lives have a family history of suicidal thoughts or suicides. Bullying is the major concern in child and adolescents suicides. Bullying based on gender which happens in schools, colleges and work places are often one of the reasons for one’s suicidal ideation. Bullying at work places is considered as peer abuse [10,11].

Consequences of Suicide:

The one who succeed in suicide attempt may not face any consequences but the family and related persons have serious consequences. I hope everyone know suicide act provokes suicidal ideas in the neighboring person or friend. If one attempts suicide for some reason, the people who are related to him might experience a severe trauma. When we observe closely, in forests every tree have other lives living or supported by it, once the tree was brought down all the lives on the tree will get hurt or disturbed or may be torn apart. Dr. Ian Colman, Explained in this study that one person's suicide can have an impact on another's suicidal thoughts or behavior, especially among teenagers [12].
I don’t say problems are common should learn how to deal with them, but I would say think before you act. Think about your surrounding people who depend on you who feel concern about you rather than counting the people who ignore you [13].

How to come out of that corner:

According to expert authors there are some steps to avoid suicidal thoughts [14] and they are listed as below 1) Adherence: Consulting one psychologist or counselor and maintain regular follow-up and medication as prescribed. 2) Cut down alcohol consumption, and drug usage. 3) Let your family know about your condition and let them involve in the counseling sessions. Try to communicate and maintain healthy relation with the family members. Sometimes being with your family and sharing your thoughts will help to get on with the problem. 4) Think about good things that happened to you rather than stalking to the bitter memories. 5) Avoid being alone, loneliness puts you in the corner and reminds of the things that you wish to forget. All these important points were well mentioned in the articles of and [2,15,19]
In article by Sang-Uk Lee [7] the thought of advertising banners of Hee-Mang Click was highly appreciable. Use of GAS scores to assess the mental condition of the person and prescribing or giving medication based on the GAS score seem to be helpful in preventing suicide attempts further, this was explained well in an article by Umetsu M based on his observational study [20].
The author Vince Di Ninno in this article stated what to do if a loved one of you is attempting suicide [17]. The reason for one to commit suicide is not always mental illness, it can be a person who is not mentally ill but experiencing severe physical pain, or stressful life, or other complicated situations [21]. The mental conditions that cause one to commit suicide are sleep apnea, dementia, obsessive compulsive disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, insomnia or severe brain injury [19,22].
All depressed people may not be suicidal but all the suicide attempting people are depressed and sad at one point. As explained by many psychologists and practitioners in the field of mental health suicide is a result of ultimate depression, sadness and loneliness. If someone is suffering from this sort of situations the only thing that comes in to their mind is suicide and suicide attempts depend on the intensity and mental strength of the person. No one will think about anything other than the driving point before attempting or thinking about suicide. But it is our responsibility to take enough care of our family and parents has to look after what the children are doing. Warm hug, loving care, and affection should be shared between the family members, which will avoid the children to go in that dark shades for some extent. Taking the needful steps and explaining the person about the problem and its remedy will drive him away from suicidal thoughts. In my opinion life has to be lived, problems may come in our way but we have to do that we have to and resolve it, if it is not possible leave it and start a new chapter. Whatever may happen, life has to move on. This is your life live it as you like.