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Weed Management in Crop Production

Deepika HC*, S. Meghana, Krishna Deepthi Reddy, Sunil Kumar P and Anand Kumar D

Malla Reddy Institute of pharmaceutical sciences, Maisammaguda, Secunderabad, Telangana-500014

*Corresponding Author:
Deepika HC
M. Pharmacy, Department of pharmaceutics, Malla Reddy Institute of pharmaceutical sciences, Maisammaguda, Secunderabad, Telangana-500014
040 6463 4235
[email protected]

Received date: 13/04/2015; Revised date: 16/04/2015; Accepted date: 18/04/2015

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Increasing population of the world has doubled the food demands and inundated the available land sources. The need of increased food production in most developing countries becomes an ultimate goal, to meet the dramatic expansion of their population. Agriculture plays an important role in fulfilling the needs of population.[1] Weed is a plant that is not esteemed where it is developing and is generally of enthusiastic development; particularly one that has a tendency to congest or stifle out more alluring plants and a weedy development of plants.[2-4]

Weeds are troublesome from multiple points of view. Principally, they lessen yield by seeking water, light, soil supplements, and space. Cover the space with crop to avoid weed growth. They were able to show the improvements that it made to their operations and to their bottom line.[5-7] Cover crops can do many things; they can provide nutritious feed to livestock, build healthier soil, and leave nutrients in the soil to be used by next year’s crop. Cover crops have the ability to not only help you spend less on inputs, but also build a healthier, more alive soil, that will pay dividends for years to come.[8-12]

Weed management practices in various crops

Herbicide-safe weeds represent a genuine danger to weed administration over the globe. Weeds develop imperviousness to herbicides as an aftereffect of herbicide determination weight.[13,14] Under consistent herbicide choice, the safe people rule in a populace. Understanding the hereditary qualities of herbicide resistance will help survey recurrence and spread of herbicide resistance allele(s) in a populace, which will support in figuring judicious weed administration practices to postpone the advancement of resistance.[15-18]

Weeds in Maize

Maize field trials were led amid fundamental editing season to focus the impact of distinctive post and pre emergency herbicides application on weed motion in maize. Various medications were used, including standard check and weedy check as control was utilized.[19-22]

Weeds in Rabi Sweet Corn

Rabi Sweet Corn examination was directed amid in Rabi figure out generally effective furthermore, practical system for weed control. The pre-emergence herbicides were consolidated either with hand weeding and interculturing or with post-development herbicide to develop coordinated weed administration.[23-25]

Weeds in Rice

Field test was directed amid the kharif season. The trial was laid out in part plot configuration to figure out the impact of different foundation routines and weed administration rehearses on diverse weed parameters, for example, weed thickness, weed dry matter, weed control proficiency and grain yield under rain fed marsh rice.[26-30]

Effects of Weeds

Numerous weeds and trees produce sufficient amounts of lightweight dust for their fertilization. A solitary plant can create 1 million to a few million dust grains in a day prompting dust anaphylaxis or regular rhinitis/ rhinosinusitis, asthma and dermatitis and so forth.[31-35]

Weeds are accepted to be a very asset requesting animal varieties that spreads basically by seeds. They impact of light accessibility on plant size and seed creation.[36-38]

Pesticide utilization assumes an essential part in guaranteeing great harvest yields in conventional horticulture [39,40]. Then again, pesticides can be the wellspring of various ecological issues incorporating deposits in ground and surface waters and harmfulness to non-target creatures. In addition, they can present dangers to homestead laborers included in pesticide application.[41-44]

The improvement procedure has introduced the difficulties of soil pollution, microbial and biodiversity misfortune. The time it now, time to perceive the association of monetary and social advancement with the assurance of the earth and diminishment of the human effect.[45-48] Ecological issues, which may have worldwide effects, are complex and regularly interrelated with financial variables. Issues of soil pollution, contamination and debasement, loss of biodiversity don't perceive political outskirts and posture real dangers to human security, wellbeing and profitability.[49-52]


This content of the article is scrutinized and approved by M. Murali and written by Deepika HC.