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Endemic Disease of Cultivated Tomato and Microbial Screening for Infectious Agents in Ibadan, Nigeria


A sporadic disease outbreak was reported in a commercial farm in Ibadan, Nigeria in 2011 and investigation was carried out by a team of pathologists. Disease diagnosis and pathological screening were carried out in the field, and it turned out that the tomato plants suffered multiple infections which were instigated by diverse strains of fungi.

Standard laboratory techniques were employed in the characterization of the isolates. Pathogenicity and severity tests were also conducted (in vitro and in vivo). It was observed that Rhizopus stolonifer, Aspergillus fumigatus, and A. sclerotirium each caused 60% infection. Symptoms observed include leaf spots, blight of lower leaves and severe necrosis of foliages, wilting and formation of whitish mycelia mass around the root, and in extreme cases death of the entire tomato shoot. Also, fruit rots and lesions were observed on both green (unripe) and ripe fruits. A concerted disease management strategy was imminent and imperative.

Etaware PM* and Oyetunji OJ

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