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Measuring Total Factor Productivity (TFP) and Unearthing the Factors Affecting TFP of Yam Farmers in Benue State of Nigeria: Harnessing the Current Untapped Agricultural Goldmine


The present research empirically measured the TFP of yam farmers with the aim of unearthing the factors affecting yam farmers in exploring the untapped potentials in yam production in the studied area. The study used structured questionnaire complemented with interview schedule to collect cross-sectional data of 2016 cropping season from 120 yam farmers selected via multi-stage sampling technique. Both descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyse the collected data. Findings showed that majority (80%) of the farmers did not achieve a robust increase in output index in the studied area owing to inefficiency in utilization of productive resources. Based on these findings, the study recommended formulation of supportive policies by government and non-governmental agencies targeting welfare improvement of the poor farmers cultivating yam crop in the studied area.

Sadiq MS*, Singh IP, Singh NK, Sharma Madu and Eije OC

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