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Nanotechnology in Agriculture - Current and Future Situation


In the developing countries, agriculture sector is very important sector in the economy. Actually, in the development countries are a big problems look like food scarcity in agriculture mainly due to the negative impact of environmental factors. Indeed, by 2050, as the total population increases, there will be a great scarcity of food that needs to be resolved on a sustainable basis. Furthermore, some new technologies have been developed that show the potential increase in agricultural productivity, as well as reduce the environmental costs and resources related to agricultural production.


Nanotechnology has a great potential in agriculture sector and the food industry, by improving the quality of life through its applications. Moreover, to overcome and solve this problem, nanotechnology tools are used to enhance the ability of plants to absorb nutrients etc. In the near future, nanostructured catalysts will be prepared for use which will increase the efficiency of many kind of fertilizer use whether it is used to add soil or spray to crops and allowing lower doses to be used. Some potential applications of nanotechnology in agriculture will be reviewed in this manuscript, especially in the field of fertilizers.

Fawzy ZF*, Li Yunsheng, Shaymaa I Shedeed and AM El-Bassiony

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