New Scheme for Protection of DC Micro grid | Abstract

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New Scheme for Protection of DC Micro grid


The AC distribution system is adopted because of simple and easy protection scheme. In contrast, the protection of DC grid is difficult because of no current zero crossing. The main advantage of DC microgrid is reduced losses so higher efficiency than AC. Conventional protection techniques in DC microgrid completely de-energies the DC link. A new protection scheme for DC micro-grid against line to line fault is presented in this paper. The scheme isolates only faulty section from the DC grid. Healthy sections are operated without any disturbance and supply continuity is maintained in a loop type system. The current sensor placed at both ends of transmission line continuously monitors the current. Because of fault, current difference occurs in two ends of line. Controller detects this current difference and opens the power switches. To meet the requirement of fast interrupting time and high shortcircuit current withstanding capability, IGBTs used as power switches. MATLAB-Simulink results for said scheme are presented in this paper. This scheme is most suitable for distributed power generation and distribution of power in isolated areas.

Ganesh Patil , M. F. A. R. Satarkar, Gorakshanath Abande

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