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Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment in China and the world: A bibliometric analysis of research output during 1990 2013


A comparison of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment between China and the other countries was carried out based on the bibliometric analysis, which analyzed the research output through the Science Citation Index Expanded from the Web of Science. This study will provide insights into research activities of China and the other countries during 1990 and 2013 in the field of pharmaceutical wastewater treatment. The performance of publication covering annual outputs, the contribution of different countries, research tendencies and hotspots was studied. The results indicated that the annual output of the related scientific articles from China increased steadily together with the world. Water Research, Chemosphere, Water Science and Technology, Environmental Science & Technology, and Science of the Total Environment were the five most common journals in pharmaceutical wastewater treatment research. The United States of American (USA) took a leading position in the world, followed by China, Spain and Germany. The extraction, biological treatment, ozonation, adsorption, filtration, photo-catalysis, Fenton, coagulation technologies were found to be current research emphases, based on the analysis of paper title, author keyword and KeyWords Plus.

Ping Zeng , Jijun Du , Yongqiang Liu, Hongjie Gao, Ruixia Liu , Yonghui Song 

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