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Problems of Growth of Floriculture Business - A Study from Assam


Floriculture is emerging as profitable business in many parts of the world. The USA, the Europe and Japan accounts two third of the floriculture trade of the world. The business is also growing in some states of India. Assam is a small state situated in the North Eastern Region of India. The states in this region have favorable factors for growth of floriculture business. The production and sale of flower is becoming a popular business in Assam and the North Eastern Region of India. Of course the floriculture business is still in the infant stage in this region. Hajo, a satellite town under Kamrup District has emerged as famous centre of floriculture businesses in Assam. Floriculture is becoming main occupation of some families in this Hajo area. In the survey conducted in 2016 in selected villages under Hajo Circle, it was found that floriculture business has good prospects in this North Eastern Region as whole and Assam in particular. It was also found that the farmers and sellers of flower and flower product face different types of problems in different stages. Flowers and flower made products have high demand in north eastern states including Assam. If the problems of farmers and sellers are addressed properly, floriculture can be developed as a good source of income in this region and thus the states can get relive from burning problem of unemployment. The present paper is an attempt to enquire about the problems faced by the farmers and sellers of flower and flower products.

Amarendra Kalita*

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