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Reproductive and Productive Performances of Local Cows under Farmer’s Management in Soro District, Hadiya Zone, Southern Ethiopia


This study was conducted in Soro District, Hadiya Zone of Southern Ethiopia with the objective of assessing reproductive and productive performances of local cows under farmer’s Management. Soro district was selected based on high cattle population. A total of 200 households owning cattle were selected randomly and the questionnaire was administered. The mean cattle holding per household were 13.22 ± 1.70 in the district. The mean reported age at sexual maturity for local female and male cattle were respectively 49.0 and 44.7 in Soro district. The mean age at first calving, in months, for local female cattle in the study area was 54.3. The mean daily milk production per cow was 1.20 liter of milk per day. An average lactation length, peak milk yield, lactation milk yield were 11.08, 1.76 and 328.61 respectively. Natural mating was the familiar and major type of mating in the district. Shortage of feed, and water, diseases, recurrent draught, infrastructures and other constraints like land shortage, low capital, and shortage of extension services were major cattle production constraints. Therefore, introduction of improved forages and the proper utilization of crop residues should be emphasized for improving reproductive and productive performances of the cattle production in the area.

Wondimu Ayele Lombebo* and Ephrem Sebro

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