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Case Report Open Access

The Use of the D+R Therapy Physiotherapy iPhone Application in the Management of Radial Head Fracture


Background: Orthopaedic intervention followed by structured musculoskeletal physiotherapy is key to optimise functional outcome after traumatic fractures. However, patient compliance to physiotherapy remains a challenge. This paper describes the first reported use of a remote monitoring physiotherapy platform, D+R (Diagnostic and Rehabilitation) Therapy, in the management of trauma. Purpose: This case study was performed to assess the D+R Therapy application and to assess the advantages and disadvantages of such a system. Method: A 46 year old professional with an undisplaced radial head fracture was invited to use the platform and his progress assessed. Results and conclusion: The D+R Therapy platform provides a method of remotely monitoring and supervising patients undergoing physiotherapy. By exploiting the patient’s own smart phone this system provides a timely and cost effective method of managing patients undergoing musculoskeletal physiotherapy. It may also identify non-compliant patients that may be of interest to both healthcare providers and insurers.

Alan Saleh, Fatimah Parkar and Amit Tolat

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