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Therapeutic Relationship of Nurses in Mental Health-A Review


The therapeutic nurse-client relationship is the base, of all psychiatric nursing treatment approaches despite the precise aim. The first thing is to build a good association between the between nurse and client. The relationship of nurse and client assured to be safe, confidential, reliable, and in step with applicable and clear boundaries. It's true that disorders that have tough organic chemistry and genetic components like schizophrenia and major emotional disorders can't be cured through therapeutic. However, several of the attendant emotional issues like poor self-image and low self-esteem is considerably improved through a therapeutic nurse-client alliance or relationship. Establishing a therapeutic alliance or relationship with a client takes time. Skills during this area bit by bit improve with steering from those with additional ability and skill.

Anusha Narise*, Jyothi Bonam, Divya Datla, Santhoshi Gamini, Neelima Bondada and Siddhartha Lolla

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