Trusted System Using Cloud Service Level Agreement | Abstract

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Trusted System Using Cloud Service Level Agreement


Trust management can be seen as a symbol-based automation of social decisions related to trust. Service Level Agreements are not consistent among the cloud providers even though they offer services with similar functionality. The customers in reliably identifying trustworthy cloud providers multifaceted Trust Management (TM) system architecture for a cloud computing marketplace is also possible to let technical agents monitor each other's behaviour and respond accordingly by increasing or decreasing trust. In this project I propose the method provides means to identify the trustworthy cloud providers in terms of different attributes such as security, performance and compliances assessed by multiple sources and roots of trust information. An alternative view on trust management questions the possibility to technically manage trust, and focuses on supporting the proper assessment of the extent of trust one person has in the other. This system mainly concern to develop a Trust Management system that aggregates and manages trust-related information using CAIQ for secure authentication and also equally allocate virtual memory size for all users. This process increasing overall performance of a cloud service provider with using Fair-Share Scheduler

K. Muthuraj, S. D. Prabu Ragavendiran

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