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2019: Volume 5, Issue 1

Research Article:  J Nurs Health Sci
Predictors of Injury Severity for Inpatient Falls in Taiwan: A Retrospective Study
Ching-Mei Chang, Cheng-Fan Wen and Hsien-Feng Lin
Commentary:  J Nurs Health Sci
Big Data in Nursing: A Commentary
George A Zangaro*
Research Article:  J Nurs Health Sci
Competency Profile of Nurses Coordinating Undergraduate Courses in Nursing São Paulo, Brazil
Valnice de Oliveira Nogueira* and Isabel Cristina Kowal Olm Cunha
Research Article:  J Nurs Health Sci
Effect of the Educational Package Based on Health Belief Model regarding Lifestyle among Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Amira R Said* and Fatma K Aly
Research Article:  J Nurs Health Sci
Mother’s perception Perception About the Experience in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Thalita dos Santos Costa, Isaura Letícia Tavares Palmeira Rolim, Geysa Santos Gois Lopes*, Eliana Brugin Serra