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2022: Volume 8, Issue 9

Research Article:  J Nurs Health Sci
Pulmonary Tuberculosis in People with HIV: A Cross-sectional Study on the Characteristics Associated with the Negative Result of GeneXpert® MTB/RIF
Mariana Gaspar Botelho Funari de Faria1, Rubia Laine de Paula Andrade1*, Keila Diane Lima de Sousa1, Karina Fonseca de Sousa Leite1, Rafaele de Oliveira Bonfim1, Melisane Regina Lima Ferreira1, Paula Daniella de Abreu1, Valdes Roberto Bollela2, Ricardo Alexandre Arcêncio1, Carlos Eduardo Menezes de Rezende1,3, Gabriela Tavares Magnabosco4, Antônio Ruffino-Netto2, Tereza Cristina Scatena Villa1, Aline Aparecida Monroe1

DOI: 10.4172/JNHS.2022.8.9.42

Commentary:  J Nurs Health Sci
Metabolic Abnormalities and Renal Function in Diabetic Patients
Robert Wiles*

DOI: 10.4172/JNHS.2022.8.9.43

Perspective Article:  J Nurs Health Sci
Short Notes on Newborn Stimulus Resulted in a Rapid Increase in Maternal Salivary Oxytocin
Allen Cooper*

DOI: 10.4172/JNHS.2022.8.9.44

Opinion Article:  J Nurs Health Sci
Variants of SARS-CoV-2, Current Antiviral Drugs, and COVID-19 Therapeutic Implications
Sheryl Lucie*

DOI: 10.4172/JNHS.2022.8.9.45

Short Communication:  J Nurs Health Sci
Insights on Impact of Health Behavior on Implementation Practice and Scientific Research
Angelo Cura*

DOI: 10.4172/JNHS.2022.8.9.46