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Dr. Arcady A. Putilov,

Dr. Arcady A. Putilov,

Dr. Arcady A. Putilov,
Chief researcher,
Research Institute for Molecular Biology and Biophysics,



Dr. Arcady Putilov received his PhDs (candidate and doctor of science) from the Institute of Physiology (Novosibirsk) and the Siberian Medical University (Tomsk), He’s a research group leader at the Institute for Molecular Biology and Biophysics (Novosibirsk). He’s experienced in study of rhythmic processes in physiology, biochemistry, zoology, ecology, psychology, psychiatry, and history. His other research interests include sleep regulation, personality, individual differences, evolutionary psychology, and history. He authored several hundred scientific publications including books and articles in peer reviewed international journals. He also writes for the general public about sleep, biological rhythms, mood disorders, psychology, and history of science.


Research Interest

• Chronobiology (Mostly Circadian Physiology)
• Sleep-Wake Regulation Processes
• Biological And Psychological Processes Modeling
• Inter-Individual Differences
• Psychology (Mostly Personality Trait Structuring, Evolutionary Psychology, Comparative And Zoological Psychology)
• Human And Animal Ethology
• Ecology (Communities Of Animal Species)
• Occupational And Environmental Medicine (Mostly Jet Lag And Related Issues Of The 24-Hr Society)
• Psychopathology (Mostly Mood Disorders)
• Biological Psychiatry
• Psychophysiology
• Effects Of Aging
• Biofeedback
• History, Methodology, And Sociology Of Science