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Raghavendra Amachawadi

Raghavendra Amachawadi

Raghavendra Amachawadi
Research Assistant Professor
Kansas State University


Research Interest

Raghavendra Amachawadi research interests are in the area of antimicrobial resistance in gut commensals and foodborne pathogens of swine and cattle production systems.  Specifically, He has focused on understanding the mechanisms involved in the propagation and dissemination of antimicrobial resistance and on the role of non-antibiotic alternatives in contribution and mitigation of antimicrobial resistance in gut bacteria of cattle and swine.  This involves both phenotypic and genotypic characterization of existing as well as novel resistance determinants.  His research interests also include investigating both aerobic and or anaerobic bacterial flora of liver abscesses of feedlot cattle.  These studies involve applications of microbiology, molecular epidemiology, and field based nutrition experiments. 

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