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Victor Hugo do Vale Bastos

Victor Hugo do Vale Bastos

Victor Hugo do Vale Bastos,
Professor Adjunto,
Federal University of Piauí,



Victor Hugo do Vale Bastos has a degree in physical therapy from 1997 by the Brazilian Institute of rehabilitation medicine, the year he started teaching in the course of physiotherapy in Rio de Janeiro. In 1999 he finished his advanced degree in Neurophysiology, which led him to teach in other courses such as Medicine, dentistry, biology, Biomedicine, nursing, physical education, etc. In 2004 concludes his Masters of science in human kinetics and in 2008 his doctorate in Psychiatry and mental health. He is currently finishing his post doctorate until December of this year in sensory motor Integration and neuroplasticity. Since 2001 he worked with research using electroencephalography to check brain cortical activity in various situations. He taught in the Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil for 2 years and since 2011 he is in Federal University of Piauí as effective to the course of physiotherapy and researcher. In March 2012 he created and managed his brain mapping and functionality lab and since 2013 belong as effective of the Masters program in Biomedical Sciences having guided several masters and doctoral students.


Research Interest

  • Neurological physiotherapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • EEGq