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M. U. Adikwu

M. U. Adikwu

M. U. Adikwu
Department of Pharmaceutics
University of Nigeria



Professor Michael U. Adikwu graduated from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Nigeria in 1986. He worked as a hospital pharmacist upon graduation from 1986-1990. In 1990, he joined the services of the University of Nigeria and rose to the rank of Professor in 1998. He teaches and researches into various aspects of pharmaceutical education and particularly raw materials utilization and sustainability as well as health sector reforms and public health. Currently he has over a 230 hundred articles in both national and international journals. 1n 2007 he was appointed the National Coordinator of a project aimed at improving post-basic and higher education system in Nigeria through the World Bank IDA system. The project called STEP-B was completed in 2013. He has both local and international experience in the pharmaceutical sector especially in education and research as he has visited overseas laboratory twice as an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow in Germany and a Matsumae Fellow in Japan. In the area of international grants, he has won a research grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry of Great Britain (2002); a grant from the Third World Academy of Sciences (2004) and another grant from the International Foundation for Science (2004). He was also a recipient of the Royal Society of Great Britain short term research fellowship to the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom (2006). Three of my students are already full professors of Pharmacy. He is a Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Science, a Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, an Honorary Fellow of the Science Teachers’ Association of Nigeria, an Honorary Fellow of the Entomological Society of Nigeria, a Member of the Institute of Public Analysts of Nigeria and the President of the Nanomedicine Society of Nigeria. He has won the Nigerian Prize for Science (2006) and the May and Baker Prize for Excellence in the Practice of Pharmacy (2009). He is currently the Vice Chancellor, University of Abuja, Nigeria.


Research Interest

Issues in Health Reforms and Social Health, Extraction of Antimicrobial Agents from Lichens, Bioadhesive Drug Delivery Design Using Natural Polysaccharides, Use of mucin and honey for wound healing, Use of mucin as a rectal absorption enhancer, PEGylated polysaccharides in drug delivery, Mucinated polysaccharides in drug delivery, Gelatinated polysaccharides in drug delivery, PEGylated Mucins in drug delivery, PEGylated gelatin in drug delivery