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2nd World Congress on Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology October 28-29, 2020 Osaka, Japan

Rashid Mahmood

Senior Executive Manager, Quality Operations for Surge Lab, Pakistan, E-mail:

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We would wish to announce our pervious conference success “ 20th World Congress on Toxicology and Pharmacology” May 06-07, 2019 Radisson Hotel Narita, Tokyo, Japan hosted by Conference Series.

The topics of the Congress will reflect the recent advances, current trends, future trends and new approaches in Toxicology and Pharmacology. The congress will cover among others: Mechanisms and modes of action of varied toxins, Clinical and Forensic toxicology, Emerging in vitro models, Medicine Development and Safety Testing, Regulatory toxicology and eventually, a broad scope of pharmacology and toxicology in several fields.

The conference was initiated with the Excellence of the keynote forums:

Title: Cytotoxicity of Molybdenum

Ldia Zapor, Head of Laboratory of Toxicology, Central Institute for labour protection- national research institute, Poland

Title: The Role of the Forensic Pharmacologist as a witness.

Stephanie Lora Sharp, Co- director, the Glascow witness CC LTD Series

We would wish to express our sincere gratitude to chair and co-chairs of the conference.

Toxicology Congress provided a juncture for speakers from everywhere the planet to consummate their network and grab knowledge of latest advancement in toxicology and pharmacology. it's also a multidisciplinary platform for fellow researchers, practitioners and students to attend and scrutinize novel methods, preaches, trends and concerns also as practical challenges and solutions.

Conference Series LLC LTD is an open resource platform that conducts 3000+ global events including International Conferences, Workshops, Symposia, Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Science Congresses altogether the main scientific disciplines, including Clinical, Medical, pharmaceutical, Engineering, Technology, Business Management and Life Sciences across America, Europe, the center East, and Asia Pacific. it's reaching over 25 million researchers, scholars, students, professionals and company entities everywhere the world.

Thus, our objective is, to make platforms which can gather eminent scientists who will undoubtedly enrich our congress during the Q&A sections.

Target Audience:

Academicians including Professors

PhD Scholars

Students carrying out laboratory and field studies

Pharmaceutical Industrial Giants

Toxicology Societies and the people Associated

Nobel laureates in Health Care and Medicine



Toxicology Professionals

Genetic Professionals

Pathology Professionals

Forensic Professionals

Pharmaceutical companies

Clinical Laboratories and Technicians

Bio-informatics Professionals

Research Institutes and members

Supply Chain companies

Manufacturing Companies

Training Institutes

Business Entrepreneurs

DME toxicity testing market is studied with reference to in-vitro and in-vivo technologies. In-vitro technologies are expected to register lucrative growth due to increasing ethical concerns over animal use in clinical trials. Insilico technologies of in-vivo testing are gaining popularity thanks to its capability of effective cost reduction thanks to early ADME toxicology prediction. Use of ADME toxicity computer modeling is predicted to rise due to associated benefits associated to increase throughput screening.

Major Associations around the Globe:

Society of Toxicology, USA (SOT)

Society of Toxicology of Canada

Latin American Association of Toxicology (ALATOX)

Japanese Society of Toxicology

Italian Society of Toxicology

German Society of Toxicology


British Toxicology Society

French Society of Toxicology

International Society of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology

The main aim of this organization is to conduct conferences and publish articles within the realm of business and management. We are looking for young researchers, eminent persons from the academic and business executives to achieve success for the growth of the scientific community from all over the world., we supposed to provide the best keynote speaker, best speaker, and best poster awards and are facilitated with certificates.

The main aim of this organization is to conduct conferences and publish articles within the realm of business and management. We are trying to find young researchers, eminent persons from the tutorial and business executives to realize success for the expansion of the scientific community from everywhere the planet ., we alleged to provide the simplest keynote speaker, best speaker, and best poster awards and are facilitated with certificates.