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Impact of Surya Namaskar on the Human System

Nagarjuna BVR*

SRM University, Chennai, India

*Corresponding Author:
Prykarpatski AK
SRM University, Chennai, India
Tel: 9700342326

Received date: 18/08/2016; Accepted date: 19/08/2016; Published date: 26/08/2016

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Without the Sun, there will be no life on Earth. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is an exceptionally old method of paying admiration or communicating appreciation to the Sun that is the wellspring of all types of life on the planet. Presently simply knowing how to do Surya Namaskar is insufficient. It is likewise critical to comprehend the science behind this exceptionally old strategy, on the grounds that a more profound comprehension will deliver the right standpoint and methodology towards this extremely sacrosanct and capable yogic procedure.


Sun salutation, Surya namaskar


Surya Namaskar, which is known as "Sun Salutation" in English, is basically about building a measurement inside you where your physical cycles are in a state of harmony with the sun's cycles, which keep running at around twelve-and-a-quarter years. It is not unintentionally but rather by plan that it has been organized with twelve stances or twelve asanas in it. In the event that your framework is in a specific level of dynamic quality and status, and in a decent condition of receptivity, then normally your cycle will be in a state of harmony with the sun oriented cycle.

Surya Namaskar intends to bow down to the sun in the morning. The sun is the life hotspot for this planet. In everything that you eat, drink and inhale, there is a component of the sun. Just in the event that you figure out how to better "process" the sun, disguise it, and make it a piece of your framework, do you really profit by this procedure.

The physical body is an incredible venturing stone for higher potential outcomes, yet for a great many people it capacities like a detour. The impulses of the body don't permit them to go ahead. Being in a state of harmony with the sun based cycle is an essential piece of equalization and receptivity, a method for taking the body to the point where it is no more an obstacle.

The Science Behind Surya Namaskar

It has been said (by the old Rishis of India) that the distinctive parts of the body are administered by various Devas (divine motivations or awesome light). The sun powered plexus (situated behind the navel, which is the essential issue of the human body) is said to be associated with the Sun. This is the primary motivation behind why the old Rishis suggested the act of Surya Namaskar, on the grounds that the consistent routine of this method improves the sun based plexus, which expands one's inventiveness and instinctive capacities [1-10].

Why Start the Day with Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is an arrangement of 12 stances, ideally to be done at the season of dawn. The consistent routine of Surya Namaskar enhances flow of blood all through the body, looks after wellbeing, and helps one remain malady free. There are various advantages of Surya Namaskar for the heart, liver, digestive system, stomach, mid-section, throat, legs. From head to toe, all aspects of the body is incredibly profited by Surya Namaskar, which is the reason it is exceedingly prescribed by all yoga specialists [11-30].

Stances go about as a decent connection between warm-ups and asanas and should be possible at whatever time on a void stomach. In any case, morning is thought to be the best time for Surya Namaskar as it rejuvenates the body and revives the brain, making us prepared to go up against all assignments of the day. In the event that done toward the evening, it empowers the body immediately and if done at sunset, it helps you loosen up. At the point when done at a quick pace, Surya Namaskar is a phenomenal cardiovascular workout and a decent approach to get in shape [31-40].

Why Should Children do Surya Namaskar?

Surya Namaskar quiets the brain and aides enhances focus. Today, youngsters confront a ferocious rivalry and ought to embrace Surya Namaskar in their day by day plan as it helps continuance control and decreases the sentiment tension and anxiety, particularly amid exams. General routine of Surya Namaskar gives quality and imperativeness to the body.

It is the best workout for muscles and enhances adaptability in spine and in appendages for our future competitors. Youngsters as youthful as 5-year-olds can begin doing Surya Namaskar every day [41-50].

Why Should Women do Surya Namaskar?

It is said that Surya Namaskar can do what months of slimming down can't. Thus, it's a gift for wellbeing cognizant ladies as it loses additional calories, as well as it offers a simple and cheap approach to be fit as a fiddle by extending the stomach muscles actually.

A portion of the Sun Salutation postures lose additional fat on stomach by fortifying drowsy organs like the thyroid organ (which bigly affects our weight) to increment hormonal emissions. Consistently honing Surya Namaskar can direct sporadic menstrual cycles among ladies furthermore guarantee a simple labor. Last yet not the minimum; it helps in bringing back the shine all over, forestalling onset of wrinkles and making it imperishable and brilliant [51-60].

Build Up your Sixth Sence with Sun Salutaions

With a customary routine of Surya Namaskar and reflection, the sun powered plexus increments from the extent of an almond to the measure of a palm. This extension of sunlight based plexus, otherwise called the second mind, builds up our natural capacity and makes us all the more clear and centered. The compression of the sunlight based plexus, then again, prompts sadness and other negative inclinations [61-80].

The complex advantages of Surya Namaskar keep the body sound and the brain quiet. Subsequently, a standard routine of Surya Namaskar is very prescribed by all yoga specialists. These Surya Namaskar tips can likewise enhance your practice and give better results [81-90].


Through the act of Surya Namaskar, in the event that one accomplishes a specific level of soundness and dominance over the framework, one could then be acquainted with an all the more effective and profoundly huge procedure called Surya Kriya. Surya Kriya is the key procedure. Surya Namaskar is a "nation cousin" of Surya Kriya, and there is another procedure called Surya Shakti, which is a far away relative. In the event that you need to simply utilize the procedure as a physical society to manufacture muscle and turn out to be physically solid, you do Surya Shakti. On the off chance that you need to be physically fit additionally need some profound component in it, you do Surya Namaskar. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need a solid otherworldly process, you do Surya Kriya [91-100].