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International Conference on Nursing and Healthcare

Lisa Foertsch*

School of Nursing, University of Pittsburgh, USA

*Corresponding Author:
Lisa Foertsch
School of Nursing, University of Pittsburgh, USA
Tel: 412- 624-4722
E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date: 20/10/2015; Accepted Date: 27/10/ 2015; Published Date: 04/11/ 2015

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As I reflect over the last week spent at the 4th Omics International Conference on Nursing and Healthcare in San Francisco,
CA on October 5-7th, 2015, it is important to first highlight that the overall goal of the conference addressed marvelous, innovative
ideas of how to improve health care nursing education, delivery practices and health care outcomes. There were participants
from 28 countries and 6 continents representative of professional nurses, physicians and other allied health care providers.
The majority of attendees were professional nurses. Each conference speaker had 20 minutes to present an abstract on a
particular topic. Each abstract topic highlighted many important worldwide health issues and possible solutions to resolve, correct
or improve the selected topic. As an assistant professor, it was especially valuable to hear about innovative classroom and clinical
nursing strategies to improve present education techniques and curriculums.

This was an exciting conference and networking opportunity for sharing of ideas, information and methods to reach an end
goal through research, quality improvement and much dedication and commitment to healthcare. Any improvement in nursing and
healthcare begins with an idea and flowers from that point. The idea can be a simple or complex solution but the conceptualization
needs implementation. A few of the speakers from around the world discussed serious health problem issues particular to their
own country or continent with the need for more global commitment to help solve and eradicate these similar health problems.
Each country or continent may have similar health care crises so the point of sharing ideas generates greater solutions and
change present day practice.

It is wonderful to see the dedication and commitment from each and every conference speaker. The passion demonstrated
in each abstract discussion was and is an enthusiastic renewal to reach out globally and improve health education and health
outcomes. An International Conference such as this can do just that!


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