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Afield experiment was conducted to study the effects of Urea fertilizer, biofertilizer inoculation and application of HB-101(a completely organic natural extract) on weed interference, a field experiment in Factorial scheme based on Randomized Complete Block design in four replications. The first factor was tuber inoculation with Nitragin biofertilizer (a combination of Azotobacter species and Azospirillum species) at two levels: non inoculated and inoculated. The second factor was HB-101 (a completely organic natural extract) with three levels: non sprayed, one time and two times sprayed onto the potato foliage during the growing season. The third factor was chemical urea fertilizer with two levels: non-used (0) and used at rate of 500 kg/ha. In this experiment, the length of each plot was 7.5m. while 5 meters of each plots by hand had weeded and 2.5 meters of each plots keep the crop weed free for the entire growth period. At the end of grow age, from division of weed free by quadrate (0.5×0.5) in three points of each plots was sampling, and number of weeds and dry weight of weed were measurement. The results of this study revealed that there were significant (P<0.05) differences in the number and dry weight of weed between the different treatments during growth. Thus it is suggested to use a combination of organic and inorganic fertilizers to achieve the lowest density of weed without negative effect on grain quality that will lead to environmental conservation.