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What is AIDS - A Disaster?

Eswari P*

Annamacharya Institute of Technology & Sciences, Rajampet, India

Corresponding Author:
Eswari P
Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences
Rajampet, India
Tel: 7036739976

Received date: 10/09/2016; Accepted date: 11/09/2016; Published date: 18/09/2016

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ABSTRACT In this article the writer dissects the circumstance in solution in the battling against AIDS. The creator proposed another unique hypothesis of the starting point, course and treatment of this sickness, which, in any case, the worldwide academic group is making an effort not to break down by any means. The creator was first on the planet, who proposed a strategy for precise analysis of AIDS and technique for its treatment utilizing the full human's body hyperthermia. On this strategy the creator has the world need as of May 22, 1989.


Body hyperthermia, HIV, AIDS issue


He question that is the title of the article, somebody will appear to be exceptionally bizarre. Be that as it may, how about we not to flurry to make a hasty judgment [1-5]. For AIDS patients and for those, who erroneously got such an analysis, it is unquestionably an incredible disaster. In any case, there is another side - those experts who treat individuals from AIDS. For those doctors, who treat other individuals from AIDS, it oien transforms into joy, into the "desired trough", from which they can sustain themselves amid all their life's. It is known, that the human's treatment of AIDS can keep going long, such treatment requires a considerable measure of cash from the patient and the treatment is for the most part closures with the demise of the patient [6-10]. For such a passing specialist as a rule does not hold up under any obligation. Hen he precedes generally as prior treat other individuals from AIDS and keeps on getting great cash for it [11-20].

Furthermore, this procedure is vast, just on the grounds that the experts have no the definite hypothesis of AIDS and additionally solid, safe technique for its treatment. His indicates us rehearse. In any case, what's happening with the therapeutic scholars? For their hunting down intends to battle AIDS they get great pay rates. Be that as it may, would they say they are near a complete arrangement of the issue of AIDS? For reasons unknown they are exceptionally a long way from the full tackling of this issue. Additionally, Pokrovsky (MD, Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Epidemiology and AIDS Prevention of the Research Institute of Epidemiology and the Federal 6cientific and Methodological Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS), for instance, said gruffly: He issue of AIDS is not determined and won't be comprehended". On the off chance that we begin from the hypothesis, which is utilized by virologists and microbiologists, things being what they are Pokrovsky is completely right: the issue of AIDS in a general sense can't be explained by their techniques. Does this imply the issue can't be settled by any means? It worked out this is not so: the issue is resolvable, but rather it is totally reasonable just by different techniques, which the infectionists or microbiologists don't have. Additionally, the issue of AIDS has as of now been fathomed by me actually in 1989 [21-30].

For my work, I got no any stipends and no assistance by any means. I was and I am a lone researcher. I have adherents in Russia. For instance, tests of MD V.P. Chekurov (Moscow) and of MD Suvernev (Novosibirsk) completely affirmed the legitimacy of my AIDS hypothesis. In any case, their needs (licenses) have been issued much later [31-40]. He question emerges: if the AIDS issue has as of now been fathomed, then why do as such numerous therapeutic experts still are taking care of and taking care of this issue (or imagine, that they are explaining)? For this there are a few reasons, the principle of which is extremely basic - it is exceptionally productive for them: to take care of this issue indefinitely and get pay rates for it, all things considered they would prefer not to see the issue fathomed. On the off chance that the issue will be perceived as tackled the subsidizing of multi-billion dollars for its answer instantly will be ceased [41-50]. In the meantime numerous doctors, who along thusly got their logical degrees and fabricated their whole professions on the treatment of AIDS, arranged entire their life, simply will stay without their work [51-55].

The genuine researcher varies from a coincidentally human in science by the consistent quest for learning, by the steady development forward in the arrangement of exploratory issues. On the off chance that somebody of the partners turned in front of you in tackling the issue, you ought to promptly to inspect his answer [56-60]. Along these lines you can keep yourself at the front edge of science. Furthermore, what do we have, all things considered? In the course of recent years I have sent a few thousand letters toward different columnists, daily papers, restorative foundations, the Academies of Sciences and to the individual experts, whose work is identified with the theme of AIDS. I didn't send duplicates of the letters - to each individual I tended to by and by. In every letter I alluded to my examination papers and two to my logical monographs. In these articles and books I demonstrated my entire hypothesis in subtle element and depicted the entire history of my exploration. I have depicted my patent hunt, which demonstrated that as of May 22, 1989 I have the world need in the strategy for AIDS treatment with the hyperthermia of entire human body. All references in my letters elude just to the autonomous from me investigative sources [61-70].

In each of these sources a hefty portion of expert therapeutic commentators commonly checked my data before distributed it. What are the aftereffects of this genuine work? He results of for all intents and purposes none. Every one of my reporters just keeps hush. Daily papers did not put my messages even to the gathering. None of restorative experts offered an explanation to my letters, in spite of the fact that I requesting that they inform me their own supposition regarding the issue. None of known not sources or meetings on AIDS not talked about my technique for treatment of AIDS [71-80].

Besides, later sending my messages with the subject He uplifting news: the issue of AIDS is totally unraveled," I oien accordingly saw the letter of warning, for example, "Your letter was erased without being perused." What does this mean? Are there writers or therapeutic experts, which need to know how you can tackle the issue of AIDS? They clearly, are just inspired by "a procedure of unending battle against AIDS." And they are so used to this procedure, that they even can't envision that the issue of AIDS one fine day can be totally explained. As a consequence of my work, I need to make a pitiful conclusion: genuine fair researchers and correspondents have basically vanished from the world. Here are just those, who "swore steadfastness to the pharmaceutical AIDS mafia and now they dependably watch their vow [81-90].

Maybe, genuine researchers and writers some place, aier, regardless all exist, yet I have not discovered them. My hypothesis of AIDS is as of now completely depicted in my books and articles, so I won't rehash it in this article. I note just that the official diagnostics of AIDS, which is utilized now, is extremely rough. Here are cases, when in one research center you can get conclusion "Helps", however examination in another lab, quickly appears, that you have not AIDS. I have portrayed the definite diagnostics of AIDS in. He sooner restorative experts will take it into administration; the sooner humankind will have the capacity to dispose of AIDS [91-100].

Be that as it may, whether there are among doctors and columnists truly inquisitive and truly genuine individuals? Iespecially trust that such individuals some place are there, and that soon we will think about it. He acknowledgment of my hypothesis of AIDS would empower humankind to spare several billions of dollars. Whether the humanity need it, not for me to choose [101].