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World Conference on Agro-Ecology and Crop Science

Yamani Tiwari

Assistant professor, Dept of Agriculture, Vivekananda Global University, India, E-mail: [email protected]

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Conference Series LLc LTD is organizing “World Conference on Agro-Ecology and Crop Science” which is going to be held in the month of October 12-13, 2020 at Manila, Philippines. The Theme of the conference is “Plants in a Changing Environment”. The conference offers Prestigious Award for Young Research’s at Agri 2020- Gathering the New-born Advances in Agro-Ecology and Crop Science.

Agri 2020 invites research scholars & young scientists, to submit the nominations for Young Scientist Awards: Agri 2020. This Agri 2020 Young Scientist Awards will be announced at the upcoming “World Conference on Agro-Ecology and Crop Science” at Manila, Philippines on October 12-13, 2020.

This Agri 2020 is an initiative of Conference Series to recognize and provide incentives to the Young Researchers who has shown great potential at their respective field of research. We at Conference Series always encourage the young budding minds to start their career in the field of research and innovations. The core of our Young Research Forum – Young Scientist Awards is to motivate the scholars to present their research ideas in front of the global experts and enhance their knowledge at our international platform. We at Agri 2020 will provide the best networking experience to the participant for their overall professional growth and to promote the collaborative research.

Agri 2020 Conference will be an investigation of new research Innovation in the field of Agriculture and spread the most recent advancements in heart disease prevention and rehabilitation. Discussion on new technology advancement in the field of Food & Nutrients, Food Nanotechnology, Medicinal Food, Fertilizer and Pesticide, Food-related, Chronic Diseases, Aquaculture, Plant Science, Soil Science, Agriculture and Environment, Agricultural, Production Systems & Agribusiness, Agriculture Engineering, Agricultural Biotechnology, Greenhouse & Horticulture, Agronomy and Crop Science, Agroforestry & Landscaping, Agriculture and Food, Science Education, Robotics in Food Science and Agriculture, Food Engineering, Food Marketing, Food Science & Chemistry, Food Technology. The market is mainly driven by the increasing research funding for Agro-Ecology and Crop Science from governments and private investors, growing demand for Production Systems & Agribusiness all over the world, and the increasing need for Food Technology research.

Encounter the target market with members from across the globe, committed to learn about novel technologies and innovations in Crop Science. This is the best opportunity to outreach the largest gathering of participants from around the world. Conduct presentations, distribute and update knowledge about the advancements in Agro-Ecology and Crop Science, Food Science, and Food technology and in different fields of Agriculture by receiving name recognition at this 2-days event. World-eminent speakers, most recent researches, latest treatment techniques and the advanced updates in Agro-Ecology and Crop Science are the principal features of this conference.

Past Conference Report

The “15th Annual Conference on Crop Science and Agriculture” hosted by conference series with the theme, “Emerging New Trends in Sustainable Agricultural Practices and Crop Science” was successfully executed November 18-19, 2019 at Bali, Indonesia. The conference offered a unique opportunity to investigators across the globe in order to meet, explore, network and perceive new scientific innovations. The conference received commendable and active participation was received from the Editorial Board Members of OMICS Group Journals as well as from the global scientists, Professors, Academicians, Researcher Scholars and students from diverse fields of Agro-Ecology and Crop Science.

Eligibility Criteria for Young Scientist Awards: Agri 2020:

The Agri 2020: Young Scientist Awards: is for all young Researchers, Research Scholars (Preferably PhD, Post and Post Graduates & Graduates) who has involved themselves into the R&D sector. The candidates should have minimum 3+ years of research experience and published minimum 3 research articles in international journals. Part time researchers can be considered subject to recommended by the research guide or any director level designated person from the organization.

Applications are invited on first come first serve basis. Only 25 nominations will be accepted globally.

Judging Criteria:

Nominated candidates need to present their research or talk for 25-30 minutes in front of the panel members. Subject should be under the scope of the Agri 2020 conference. Selection will be on the basis of individual accomplishments, quality & standards of research, noble thought, research methodology, innovative ideas, style of presentation, significance of the contribution to the field, originality, clarity, and future extended scope of the research and probability of bringing the research in terms of products/services into public domain.


We invite online applications from desired candidates, self-nomination or nominated by organizations (both private & public sectors)/research guides. The student must be the first author & the student’s advisor should attach a statement that their contribution is primarily advisory.

Candidates applying for the Agri 2020: Young Researcher Award should send their resume, along with a letter of recommendation (from a research adviser/faculty/organization heads) to [email protected] along with the online application at the Agri 2020.


This award will be presented at Manila, Philippines during Agri 2020 conference.

About Hosting Organization: Conference Series:

Conference Series LLc LTD is the world’s leading specialist in organizing Academic, Scientific and Business conferences, meetings, symposiums and exhibitions in different verticals and horizontals like Medical, Pharma, Engineering, Science, Technology and Business to promote scientific research. Every year we host more than 3000+ global events inclusive of 1000+ Conferences 1000+ Symposiums 1000+ Workshops in USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia with the generous support and cooperation from our 30000+ Editorial Board Members, 1000+ Scientific Societies. All the conference proceedings are published in the special issues of our 700+ Open Access International Journals with the DOI provided by CROSSREF.

Supporting Journals:

Research & Reviews: Journal of Agriculture and Allied Sciences

• Journal of Plant Sciences and Agricultural Research

• Advances in Crop Science and Technology

For any further queries/concern, can reach the Agri 2020 secretariat at the below contact details:
Lisa Fernandez
Program Manager | Agri 2020
Phone/WhatsApp No.: +441157180281
Send a mail to [email protected]