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World Experts Gathering at World Congress on Healthcare & Life-Science Research

Riya Olivia

Professor and Department of Health Sciences Monash University Australia, E-mail:

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Health care is basic for human life and prompts a Healthy lifestyle. Nutrition and Health is powerfully basic slant for people far and wide. Nutrition is all about metabolic ways and the solicitation of biochemical stages through which substances in living creatures change beginning with one then onto the following structure.

A Glance at Market of Health Care

Throughout the last ten to fifteen years, deals in the worldwide nutrition supplements market have seen a phenomenal spike. This has empowered various new players to venture into the business sector with items that guarantee to be the remedy for youth, wellbeing and essentialness. As per the nutrition business journal report, the worldwide Nutrition and supplements market remained at US $96 billion starting 2012. After a year, it was around US$104 billion all inclusive.

The Australian nutraceutical market is segmented into two major categories, such as type and application. The phytochemicals and plant extracts are the top two categories under the type segment. Based on application segment, the functional beverage is the largest segment, with about 36% market share, followed by functional food, dietary supplements and others.

The Australia nutraceutical market is estimated to register a CAGR of 7.5%, during 2017-2022. Currently, the market value is around USD 8.59 billion and is expected to reach USD 20 billion, by 2022. Australia is an established market for nutraceuticals in the Asia-Pacific region, which contributed to about 5% of the global nutraceutical market in 2016. The increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and the aging demography are presenting opportunities for the nutraceutical industry.

Importance & Scope

Nutrition Conferences 2020 will give a worldwide stage to examine about the most recent examination in the field of nutrition, food science and public health, nutritional therapies and treatments, clinical nutrition, Health Care and child care, obesity & weight-loss nutrition, nutrition in cancer, chronic illness and maternal nutrition-dietary plans.

Nutrition 2020 welcomes Presidents, CEO's, nutritional scientists, nutritionists, and examiners in nutrition and health territories, delegates and mechanical authorities who are working in nutritious and human administrations organizations to appreciate the natural B2B social affairs, trial sessions, and board talks. The associations overseeing wholesome things and supplements can show their things.

Nutrition Science 2020 is expected to give a detectable opening to the experts in the field of nutrition, food science and public health to talk about latest advancements and experiences. Nutrition Science 2020 provides an opportunity for Nutritionists, Dietitians, and other human services experts, clinical nutritionists, specialists and many industrialist working in the field, trade their thoughts before extensive intercontinental audience members.

The Asia-Pacific region for Nutrition was assessed at USD 7.6 billion in 2014 and is expected to accomplish USD 11.2 billion by 2020, creating at a CAGR of 8.06 %.

One of the main reason that drives Nutritional Business is that to checked augmentation in the rate and prevalence of various diseases and infirmities comprehensive. Further, the growing developing worldwide is adding to the improvement of the business division. Fetched discerning buyers are not prepared to hold up under the expense of these things because of the nonappearance of systematization in reimbursement principles.

The prominence for nutrition items in Australia, China, and India are driving the improvement of the business part in the APAC region.

The Asia-Pacific clinical nutrition business sector is portioned by sort of applications (Infant, tyke, grown-up, Health care and remedial nutrition), fixings (vitamins and amino acids, minerals and glucose), kind of services (diarrhea, malignancy, diabetes, renal sicknesses, protein malabsorption and so on.), course of administration (oral, tube encouraging and parenteral) and Nation (India, China and Japan).

This measurement portrays the market size of sports nutrition items in Australia in 2014, by classification. In that year, the market size of protein bars in Australia was esteemed at 105 million Australian dollars. The aggregate market size of games nutrition items added up to 805 million Australian dollars in that year.


Target Audience

Dietitians, nutritionists, clinical nutritionists, probiotics researchers, public health professionals, scholars and students working in the field of nutrition, food science and public health. From industrial sector, delegates and physicians will be attending the event.


Target Audience

• Clinical Nutritionists

• Registered Dieticians

• Health-Care Professionals

• Researchers and Scientists

• Training Institutes

• Universities and College Students

• Nutrition and Food science Associates

• Nutrition based Companies

• Business Entrepreneurs

Importance & Scope

World Congres on Healthcare & Life-Science Research offers a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with renowned professionals from across the world. This conference offers a great opportunity to the clinicians, nutritionists, healthcare professionals, academicians, physicians, students and young researchers to discuss their research works, reviews and case reports in front of international listeners. Life science congress 2020 also provides a chance to interact with the global experts on the recent challenges in the nutritional science and how to tackle them. Companies dealing with the nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals, probiotics, prebiotics and healthcare products can exhibit their products at the Life science congress 2020 Exhibition to gain international visibility.

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