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A Comparative Study To Assess The Effectiveness Of Left Lateral Position Vs. Upright Position On Fetal Heart Rate And Labor Pain Among Parturient Mothers In I Stage Of Labor At Government Hospital, Vellore


The main aim of the study was to do Comparative study to assess the effectiveness of left lateral position vs upright position on fetal heart rate and labor pain among parturient mothers in first stage of labor at Government hospital, Vellore,. Quasi experimental, comparative Pre and Post test design was adopted for the study. The sampling technique used was purposive sampling technique, and 60 parturient mothers were taken for study, out of which 30 parturient mothers were allotted to study group I and 30 parturient mothers in study group II. Data collection was done for a period of 1 month, assessment of demographic variables, fetal heart and perception of pain assessment were done with left lateral and upright position among parturient mothers in first stage of labour.

A Judie, C Mary Sophia, Jayabharathi

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