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A parallel randomized controlled trial examining the effects of rhythmic sensory stimulation on fibromyalgia symptoms


This study is a double-blind, two-arm parallel randomized controlled trial that investigated the effects of 40Hz rhythmic sensory stimulation (RSS) on fibromyalgia and associated symptoms. Two distinct treatment parameters were tested: 1) a single frequency stimulation (40Hz) of vibrotactile stimulus, and 2) stimulation of random and intermittent complex wave gamma-range vibrotactile stimulation. Study participants included fibromyalgia patients who were instructed to use a portable device generating vibrotactile stimulation for 30 minutes, five days per week, over five weeks, concomitant with usual care. Fibromyalgia symptoms, pain severity andinterference, depression symptoms, quality of life and sleep quality were assessed at baselineand post-intervention. Results indicated that there were statistically significant changesfrom baseline to post-treatment in measures offibromyalgia symptom severity, pain interference,depression, and sleep quality. Treatment outcomes did not differ significantly between groups. These findings suggest thatvibrotactile rhythmic sensory stimulation in the gamma range may improve fibromyalgia symptoms and ease associated comorbidities. These preliminary findings warrant further investigations into the effects of rhythmic sensory stimulation on chronic pain conditions.

Thenille Braun Janzen1, Denise Paneduro2, Abdullah Mosabbir3, Larry Picard2, Allan Gordon2, LeeR. Bartel3

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