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A Qualitative Examination of the Role of Shame in the Mother-Daughter Relationship


I will present findings from an original grounded theory-based study that aims to investigate the phenomenological experience of the emotion of shame, as well as how these experiences of shame may be shared, passed, and/or related between mothers and daughters. This study investigates a range of memories and emotional experiences connected to feeling ashamed, including but not limited to self-consciousness, pride, humiliation, and disgust. Mothers and daughters will are asked about the role of shame in their relationship with one another and how this relationship may or may not have contributed to the role of shame in their lives. Participants include pairs of mothers and daughters culled from women ages 18+ who are interested in sharing their narratives with me. Data is collected through extensive in- person interviews with three pairs of mothers and daughters. The primary instrument employed is a questionnaire I developed to probe experiences of shame in one’s  

Sarah Telzak

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