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A Review of Herbs to Treat Skin Disorders in Traditional Siddha Medicine


Medicinal plants are sources of great economical value in Indian subcontinent. In recent years the importance and value of Herbal remedies for all sorts of diseases are being discussed widely. Herbal remedies have their origin in the household of Indians. People are well aware about the medicinal properties of the ingredients of their daily diet. Medicinal plants are naturally gifted with invaluable bio active compounds which form the back bone of Traditional medicines. Many infectious diseases have been known to be treated with herbal remedies throughout the history of mankind. This action is due to the presence of phyto-chemical components like glycosides, tannins, alcohols, aldehydes etc., those chemical components are not only for the discovery of therapeutic agents but are also an asset for the future genera. Due to the fast phased lifestyle and polluted atmosphere people are exposed to many lifestyle disorders especially skin diseases. This review paper deals with the single herbs and prepared medicines documented in Traditional Siddha Indian Medicine as potent remedies for Skin diseases.

Thomas M Walter, T Sasi Priya, A Shakthi Paargavi, NS Priya Devi, and S Thanalakshmi

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