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A Study of Lived Female Intimate Partner Violence in Potheri, Kancheepuram District, India


The main aim of the study was to explore the lived experience of females with intimate partner violence (IPV) and to extrapolate the various dimensions of lived experiences of females with IPV. Qualitative phenomenological approach was used for the study. The study was conducted at potheri, Kancheepuram District, India. 30 married women who experienced severe IPV were selected for the study. Lived experience of females with IPV was interviewed by using open ended questions. Data was analyzed using Collaizz’s seven-step approach. Majority of the females 27 (90%) experienced physical hurt, fear for 27 (90%), emotional abuse for 28 (93.3%), anger for 25 (83.3%), financial difficulty for 26 (86.7%) and ashamed for 30(100%) under various dimensions.

A Judie, Bhuvaneshwari A, Jayabharathi B, Sathish Kumar J

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