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A Study on Use of Over the Counter Drugs among 1st Year Medical Students in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital


Background: It is a common tendency among medical professionals to practice self-medication when they themselves feel sick. The practice of self-medication gets incorporated in the medical professional’s right from their undergraduate days. It assumes a special significance among medical students as they are the future medical practitioners.

Objective: To analyze the pattern of self-medication practice among undergraduate medical students.

Material and Methods: A cross-sectional questionnaire-based study conducted among the 1st year medical students of MVJMC&RH, Bangalore.

Results: In our study, it was seen that majority (82.6%) of the participants were aware of OTC drugs. Self medication was seen among 56.6% of the medical students. Headache (76.3%) followed by fever were the most common ailments for which analgesics (60.1%) followed antipyretics were the most common OTC drugs used. . Confidence in self medication (46.2%), finding it cumbersome to go to doctor where the some of the reasons for using OTC drugs. Media advertisements (32.3%) followed by text book/journals were the most common source of information used to know about OTC drugs. Large number of students were aware of package insert/ prescription label (81.5%) and also they followed label instructions while self medicating (88.4%).

Conclusion: Our study shows that Majority of the participants were aware of OTC drugs & self-medication is widely practiced among them. In this situation, faculties should create awareness and educate their students regarding advantages and disadvantages of self-medication.

Rekha MS, Roopashree, Rekha MB, Purushotham Naidu

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