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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Exercise, Function and Overuse


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a disease whose clinical characteristics leave the patient very physically exhausted. Engaging the motor neurons it rapidly evolves to limit movement, which clearly generates a very strong psychic trauma in the affected subject. Evolving with changes in speech and swallowing, until now there is at least the need for some health professionals to work in this case, the neurologist, the physiotherapist, the psychologist and the speech pathologist. The help of family and friends is critical for the patient, helping with his motivation and the treatment that can be done at home. The evolution of the patient is death with respiratory insufficiency and all health staff aims at palliative care in the final stages of the disease and give the greatest possible comfort to this patient. Of great clinical complexity and as far as the research the ALS shows to be different from case to case what increases its difficulty clinical accompaniment by the professionals and of research. Science still has much to research and learn from these patients to be better and offer better treatment conditions to patients.

Marco Orsini, Marcos RG de Freitas, Debora Meireles Mesquita, Monara Nunes, Diandra Martins e Silva, Fernanda Mello da Silva, Eric Gabriel Souza Fresco, Nélio Souza and Victor Hugo do Vale Bastos

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