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An Interdisciplinary Perspective on Chronic Pain Management


Introduction: The study aims to reveal the importance and actuality of occupational therapy practice in the management of chronic pain, in an interdisciplinary context.

Methods: As research method, there was used an online international data base - PubMed Central, using the following search key words: “occupational therapy” ”chronic pain”, ”psychological coping”, “occupational therapy”, and ”chronic pain management”, selecting 10 relevant articles from literature, published between 2011-2020, thus, providing the premises for a narrative review.

Results: There are highlighted several occupational therapy projects on chronic pain, in an international context, grouping the therapies, assessments, interventions and outcomes for this chronic pathology. There are given practical examples of occupational therapy rehabilitation processes from current literature.

Conclusion: The main focus stands on the possible outcomes in the case of these patients, such as raising clients’ self-efficacy and occupational performance. Further research projects on occupational therapy interventions and benefits for chronic pain are encouraged, regarding the increasing number of patients in need of daily activities’ optimization.

Ana-Maria Dumitrescu1, Claudia Florida Costea2 *, Raluca Alina Dragomir3 , Andrei Ionut Cucu4 , Carmen Valerica Rîpă5 , Mahwish Abdullah6 , Ioan Gotcă7 , Ingrith Miron8 , Iuliana Magdalena Starcea9, Anda Paulet10, Anca Sava11

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