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An Overview of Pomegranate Cultivation in Satara District: A Geographical Studies


Pomegranate cultivation has contributed significantly to the economic development of the farmers. Various government agencies and schemes have increased pomegranate cultivation. From the field of literature, it has been shown that till date a large study on pomegranate was concerned with the cultivation of pomegranate and its medicinal value. Research into pomegranate and its control techniques, pomegranate cultivation and pomegranate varieties. Things, pomegranate products and marketing channels including pomegranate marketing. The impact of pomegranate cultivation on the economic development of the farmers is ignored. Therefore, by doing research on this topic, it is possible for farmers to be aware of various opportunities due to pomegranate cultivation. Various government schemes supported farmers for pomegranate cultivation, and pomegranate cultivation improved greatly in the economic life of the farmer.


Pomegranate cultivation. Economic Uplifment.

Vishal S. Gholap *, D.B. Nalawade

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