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Anxiety in the area of fertility


In today's generation, we notice a lot of places offering fertility treatment - IUI / IVF and various different methods. While the entire medical treatment has its own probability of success / failure, the emotions faced by couples undergoing such treatment are generally not taken into consideration. Many women have had suicidal tendencies immediately after a failure in fertility treatment. Anxiety issues due to fertility challenges affect productivity at work. Male infertility is on a rise though not many support groups openly discuss or help men handle their deeper emotions of shame / guilt, etc. This webinar intends to discuss on these points and also dives deeper to discuss few other related key points. Young couples would also get to understand a few tools and techniques that they can put to use to help them and their spouse. • Various fertility issues faced by couple • Anxiety related to infertility • Social stigma - to discuss infertility issues • Effects of anxiety due to infertility • Specific challenges / traps to look out for o Addictions o PMS o Emotional binge eating • Asking for help - Need of the hour • Useful Tools & Techniques o Men tracking menstrual / ovulation calendar consciously o Pause before you react o Regular Journaling Anurama Suresh

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