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Art as a Therapeutic tool


Art Therapy, it is a kind of a therapeutic tool which helps individual to express their emotions or feelings which are buried deep down. The act of drawing or coloring on a piece of paper is not a test, its expressing your oneself through the nonverbal mode of communication, the mixed bag of emotions that one carries. Art as a Therapy has numerous possibilities. Firstly, it has no boundaries. Second of all, it allows you to be your raw self. Creative therapy helps one to cope well with their Anxiety, it helps to release their feelings on a piece of paper or any creative art one would like to do. Eliminating of such expressions helps one to feel relaxed and as a result makes them capable to cope with the life positively. Although it is a Creative Therapeutic tool yet effective to aid one who is going through a Psychological Issues and being aware of the vulnerability and strength to cope well with the same. As I always say, "Art is not just a Therapy, it's a process to Heal." Dr.Preeti Modi PhD  

Preeti Modi 


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