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Biomethanation and Vermiculture Technology for the Horticultural Waste Management in Jabalpur, M.P


Biomethanation is a mechanism to receive "biogas." It is a clean, effective and a strong fossil-fuel substituent. In this paper we will discuss the optimum production of Biogas from different mixing ratios of Horticultural Waste (HW), Cow Dung (CD) and Poultry Waste (PW) using gravel filter as well as analysingthe biofertilizer and vermicompost. Horticultural waste/cow dung mixing ratios are (HW, CD) 1:1, 1:2, 1:3. The results showed that the co-digestion greatly affected the production of biogas and the yield of methane. Maximum production of biogas is seen in the ratio 1:1.

Purnima Beohar*

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