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Care in Nursing for the Elderly People


ABSTRACT This article is committed to sketching out two nursing nurture elderly individuals in Germany and China. Molded by the European welfare state model, Germany has propelled a statutory long haul care protection program went for incorporating various performing artists, for example, the family, mediator associations, non-benefit associations and private suppliers into a supply structure inside a compulsory social consideration protection framework, where the welfare state goes about as legislator and controller for open nursing care. Contrasted with the German framework, China has a simple nursing care framework portrayed by a half and half model, which depends on both traditional family care and individual private protection. In the wake of presenting elderly care in both nations, this survey article investigates the likelihood of exchanging the German model of long haul care protection to China to lessen the expanding issue of elderly care. The taking off interest for elderly care and immature open administrations for nursing care speak to an incredible test for contemporary Chinese society.

Hareesha Siramreddy

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