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Child and Adolescents Behavioral Therapy


Child and Adolescents, todays millennials are the one who are being targeted world wide for having lot imbalances in their life. Speaking about behavior problems in child, leads to too many external and internal factors which parents are not aware of, and are gone unnoticed, hence that leads to psychological problems, behavior issues and many other mental issues. However, teenagers and adolescents are victims of anxiety, emotional adjustments, depression and many unnoticed psychological and mental wellbeing. Most of the time, it becomes difficult for the one to face their own problems and help themselves, hence to help them many therapies are conducted by the experts and the therapist to aid one to counter the same and make them realize the impact for the long run. Therapies does play a vital role, with the child and adolescents considering their behavioral problem. CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), ABT (Art Based Therapy) and many more used for the treatment. Any therapy is conducted with the child or adolescents need to initiate on a primary level soon he/She is diagnosed with one. Preeti Modi