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Clinical Case Follow Up Study: A Method of Teaching Clinical Pharmacology to the MBBS Students


To impart clinical pharmacology knowledge to the MBBS 2nd professional students and to improve the quality of students by giving adequate knowledge in rational prescribing. A total no of 150 cases were followed up by the undergraduate students during 2nd professional MBBS in the department of pharmacology at SGRRIM &HS, Dehradun from June 2012 to November 2012. Patients were analyzed on various parameters using WHO drug used indicators and National List of Essential Medicines. A total of 150 cases were evaluated .115(76.66%) were males and 35(23.34%) were females, majority patients 124(82.66%) were 16-45 years of age. Morbidity pattern was observed as infectious diseases 100 (66.66%) and non- infectious 50 (33.34%) respectively. Amongst infectious diseases, fever 40 (40%), acute gastroenteritis 27 (27%), tuberculosis 11(11%) and urinary tract infection 9 (9%) were most frequently observed, and non-infectious diseases were epilepsy 11(22%), hypertension 7(14%) and gastro-esophageal reflux disease 7(14%) respectively. A total of 491 drugs were prescribed, 433 (88.18%) were oral, 58(11.82%) injectable formulations were used.145 (96.66%) patients were prescribed more than one drug.29 FDCs were used. 3.45 drugs and 3.00 drugs per prescription were prescribed for infectious and non-infectious disease respectively. Antibiotics 189 (38.49%), NSAIDs 78 (15.88%), antiepileptics 19(3.86%) and antihypertensive 18(3.66%) were most commonly prescribed. Clinical case follow up study can be introduced as a tool for imparting knowledge of clinical pharmacology to undergraduate MBBS students.

Shaktibala Dutta, and Mirza Atif Beg

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