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Clinical Learning Environment and Clinical Learning Outcomes as Perceived by Final Year Baccalaureate Nursing Students in Fiji National University, the Republic of Fiji


Introduction: Clinical placement of student nurses should be a clinical learning environment that is dynamic and includes a complexity of variables influencing students learning experience. Clinical learning environment (CLE) is defined as the interactive network of forces that influences clinical learning outcomes (CLO) which are statements of what students are expected to understand and demonstrate at the end of their clinical practice. No studies conducted on the relationship between nursing student’s perceptions of clinical learning environment and clinical learning outcome in Fiji. Objective of the study was to examine the correlation of clinical learning environment and clinical learning outcome. Method: A descriptive co-relational study conducted on 172 final year baccalaureate nursing students. Data obtained using a questionnaire including demographic characteristics, 23 item clinical environment scale and 45 item clinical learning outcomes for nursing student’s tool. Descriptive and inferential statistics was performed for data analysis. Results: Clinical learning environment was perceived at a moderate and clinical learning outcomes were at a high level. A non-significant relationship was observed between clinical learning environment and clinical learning outcomes (r=0.141. p=0.05). Sub categories of clinical learning environment (5 areas) were at moderate level and clinical learning out outcomes were at high level. Discussion: No correlation of statistical significance observed in this study however correlational studies do not show cause and effect but determines relationships that are statistically significant to provide some basis for sound decision making. This study provides baseline data for replicative and qualitative studies in future.

Osea Masilaca*, Avhinesh Kumar and Sereana Balekiwai

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