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Comparative Anxiolytic Activity of Petroleum Extract of Valeriana jatamansi from Different Accessions in Mice


Valeriana jatamansi Jones., (Family- valerianaceae) is a perennial herb or under shrub with a short, often strong smelling root stock. It is widely distributed in the temperate and cold regions of North West himalaya to Bhutan at altitude of 1200-3000m. The objective of the study was to test the anxiolytic effect of Valeriana jatamansi Jones., grown in India and Pakistan. Petroleum ether extract of both accessions were evaluated using ambulatory activity, elevated plus maze, spontaneous locomotor activity, motor coordination activity and sodium thiopental induced sleep in mice at dose of 75, 150 and 300 mg/ kg. Both the extract produced significant and dose dependent activity in the ambulatory and elevated plus maze test. The spontaneous locomotor activity count, measured using an actophotometer, was significantly decreased in animals at 120 min after administration of extract in both accessions. None of the extracts produced skeletal muscle relaxant effect assessed by rotarod test. Both extract produced a significant and dose dependent lengthening in the time of sodium thiopental sleep with the Pakistan valerian extract being more potent than Indian valerian. Thus we may conclude that, Pakistan valerian possess high anxiolytic potentials than Indian valerian.

Anant V Bhandarkar, Shashidhara S, and Deepak M

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