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Construction And Evaluation Of A Virtual Learning Environment For Teaching Patient Safety In Drug Therapy


Objective: To construct and evaluate a virtual learning environment for teaching patient safety in drug therapy for undergraduate nursing students.

Method: Methodological study developed in 3 steps: integrative literature review (step 1), construction of the virtual environment (step 2) and pedagogical and usability evaluation (step 3). The construction was systematized, according to the Contextualized Instructional Design in the phases: analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation, and subsidized by the survey of learning needs about patient safety in drug therapy with 45 nursing students from the 7th and 9th periods of the course.

Results: The pedagogical evaluation obtained a concordance rate of 91.7% among the nurse judges and the usability of 90% among the informatics judges. The constructed virtual environment was called AVA-SPTEME, and is available on the Internet hosted on the Moodle platform, where there are two teaching units: “Patient safety” and “Safety in drug therapy”, both designed with different materials and media: videos, comic books, texts, info graphics, word searches, quizzes, forums and chats.

Conclusion: The virtual environment was validated and positively evaluated by the judges, who considered it a formidable educational technology for teaching patient safety in drug therapy for nursing undergraduate students.

Iolanda Gonçalves de Alencar Figueiredo1*, Fernanda Valéria Silva Dantas Avelino2, Elaine Maria Leite Rangel Andrade3, Ana Maria Ribeiro dos Santos4, João Batista Bottentuit Júnior5, Sônia Maria de Araújo Campelo6, Priscila Martins Mendes7, Phellype Kayyaã da Luz8, Danila Barros Bezerra Leal9

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